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Top Spring Nail Trends 2018 - Nude Nail Polish Color, Summer Nails Inspo //

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One of the most overlooked accessories is not a pair of sunglasses, a hat or a belt… It’s your nails! People often forget how much of an impact your nails have when it comes to putting an outfit together. After all, oftentimes it is the little details that come together to make a look especially striking. Since we are now in the midst of spring, a season for showing off your toes and baring your arms, I wanted to share the top spring nail trends of 2018 that are worth a try.

Nail Shapes

Short – Believe it or not, a lot of nail artists ditched the fake and press-on nails and opted for a more natural shape on the runway. Short and squared-off nail shapes are trending this spring 2018, providing a much more relaxed and natural look. Pairing this nail shape with a trending polish color, makes for a clean and stylish look.

Oval – Before we delve into polish and art, let’s take a step back and address one of the more trendy nail shapes for spring 2018. The soft oval nail shape is universally flattering on everyone. It looks feminine and tends to elongate the fingers without being impractically long and sharp like the stiletto shape. Plus, it makes a great foundation for trying out this spring’s nail trends.

Nail Polish Colors

Violet – Of course, we have to pay homage to Pantone’s color of the year – purple. A bright, lilac pastel color is a great way to add some color to your looks, while simultaneously being on-trend. You could opt for a regular gloss polish, or go for a purple with a bit of shimmer (but not glitter) to add some more dimension to the nails.

Dark Green – As the temperature rises, it is only natural we start looking forward to beach vacations. Why not get inspired by painting the hue of earthy green resort leaves onto your nails? Deeper greens are a rare pick for Spring and will give you that perfect pop of color.

Top Spring Nail Trends 2018 - Nude Nail Color //


Nude Nails – Although it isn’t audacious like a violet or olive, nude nails will always seem to be trending, no matter what time of year. Sometimes something more muted can compliment an outfit just as well as any other color can. They key to finding the perfect nude is to make sure the undertones match your skin tone. For instance, warmer/pinker neutrals tend to work best with my complexion.

Top Spring Nail Trends 2018 - Nude Nails //

Top Spring Nail Trends 2018 - Deep Green Nail Polish //

Top Spring Nail Trends 2018 - Nail Art Design, Geometric nail art, negative space nail design // Notjessfashion.comPhoto by Glamour & Pinterest

Nail Art

Abstract Designs/Negative Space – This is where creativity flourishes and you can have fun incorporating abstract designs into part of your outfit. I have been seeing a ton of nail art starring an array of geometric and linear patterns on a clear base. The overall effect is minimal and artistic, making it easy to match with a myriad of outfits and styles.

Floral Patterns – Naturally, I think we all tend to wear more floral patterns in the spring, so why stop there? Floral patterned nail art is certainly having a moment. You can choose to infuse the design across all ten nails or choose one, such as the ring finger, for something more simple.

Logomania – I have dedicated a whole post to the logomania trend that has been flamboyantly splashed across designer’s collections recently. Now you can support your favorite lines by reppin’ them on your nails. If that’s not brand loyalty, than I don’t know what is!

Updated French Manicure – Who doesn’t love a good classic? Spring’s nail trends allow you to incorporate fun designs that make the french manicure fresh and bold. Try two-tones of the same color like pale and hot pink, reversing the the look with glitter, or adding polka dot patterns!

What are your favorite nail trends this season?

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