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2021 fashion trends featuring baggy pants // Jessica Wang -

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I am sure a lot of you can agree that 2021 seems to be a toss up of wanting to stay cozy but having a strong urge to dress up. In fact, I think this feeling is evident behind a lot of the 2021 fashion trends that continue to rise in popularity. I am finding that many of these styles marry the idea of both comfort and style. Personally, I believe there is a lot to look forward to in fashion this year and it’s amazing to see that so many of these trends are incredibly wearable (even the ones straight from the designer runways). Although must-have items are sure to pop up in the next 12 months, I predict the following 2021 fashion trends are going to be here to stay!

2021 fashion trends - belted waist lines // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comBelted

To start off, this accessory is making a big comeback this year. Belts are no longer tucked away from sight and used for the singular purpose of ensuring your pants stay in place. Instead, they are becoming the focal point of the outfit. We are going to be seeing a lot of minimal leather belts adding poise and sophistication to the likes of a trench coat or blazer. But there will also be a smattering of embellished or hardware chain belts that add a touch of glamour to an everyday look.

2021 fashion trends featuring baggy pants // Jessica Wang -

Baggy Pants

Baggy pants, especially jeans, are the new “it” pants this year. We are waving goodbye to ultra-tight jeggings and saying hello to mom jeans, slouchy denim and the likes. As I mentioned earlier, the popularity of this trend might stem from our desire of wanting a more casual, comfortable wardrobe to match our more homebody, socially-distant lifestyle. Although, baggy jeans are just as versatile as you could easily style them both casually and more formally.

2021 fashion trends featuring puff sleeves // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comExaggerated Shoulder

This trend entered the ring again last year and is continuing to be relevant as we make our way through 2021. Exaggerated shoulder detailing can enhance a basic shirt several levels or can take an evening look and have it go from average to instant ‘wow’ factor. The puffy sleeve trend is still irrevocably romantic and feminine, making it something definitely worth adding to your shopping list.

2021 fashion trends featuring sheer dresses and sheer tops // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comSheer Fabrics

Switching from sweet to spicy, the next 2021 trend I want to shed light on is sheer fabrication. Almost-translucent tops, mesh cutouts and barely-there dresses are the edgy, yet sophisticated trend you have been waiting for. These peek-a-boo fabrics are perfect for when you are seeking an eye-catching date night look or for when you just want to feel sexy and elusive from the comforts of your own home. I have been loving everything from sheer blouses to sheer dresses and more.

2021 fashion trends featuring casual suiting // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comCasual Suiting

Tailored pieces like matching blazers and suit pants are still hot ticket items but they are definitely getting a facelift for 2021. Rather than rigid, two-piece suits, we are starting to see a lot more casual takes on these classic styles. Suits with more oversized fits and boxier cuts are taking the cake as many of the workforce continues to work from home. This is a perfect option for when you want to dress up in the home office but also achieve comfort.

2021 fashion trends featuring matching sets // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comMatching Sets

Whether we are talking loungewear or more tailored items, purchasing matching tops and bottoms are here to stay. Let’s face it, sometimes it is easier just throwing on two items that you know are going to match, rather than reinventing the wheel. Although, you can wear each piece separately to maximize their use and create even more looks!

2021 fashion trends featuring lime green fashion // Jessica Wang -

Lime Green

Perhaps the wild card is the trendy color that I am ecstatic about. This year, 2021 fashion trends will include lots of bright lime green in everything from clothing to accessories. It is such a punchy, fun color to wear and is great for breaking up those neutrals we tend to gravitate towards. Or better yet, use lime green as a bold pop of color within your look to create a fusion.

Which 2021 fashion trends are you most excited for?

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