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Summer vacations are about to kick off, and let’s be real – traveling with kids is not easy! Family vacations are a challenge for everyone and especially if you have little ones. Stress is an inevitable part of vacations… As much as I love to keep calm and collected in every situation, I’ve been forced to learn that it’s really impossible to be too prepared when it comes to traveling with kids! But as with anything, it gets easier the more you do it and I’m excited to share the lessons I’ve learned from traveling with my bundles of love (and trouble).

tips for traveling with kids, summer fun, mom bloggers, new york fashion blogger //

1. Prepare your kids

In the days leading up to your trip, go over parts of the itinerary and parts of the experience flying on an airplane. I’ve found that doing this little prep before you leave helps so much with managing their temperament and moods along the journey. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to make the transit experience engaging by asking if they know what is coming next. Even if your kids have been on a few travels already, it’s nice to give them a reminder of what they’ll go through.

2. Dry-run the trip

On the flip side, this goes for parents too! Be sure you walk yourself through getting from point A to B as thoroughly as possible. Check transit logistics for the times you are landing or needing to grab a cab, and cost approximations if you’re going abroad. On the note of international travel, especially remember to check that passport expiration date and the US State Department page for visa info! For some countries, your passport must be valid 6 months prior to actual expiration in order to get in. We learned the hard way when Hazel’s passport expired and we didn’t realize it until check-in time. It was a nightmare, but thank god everything worked out!

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3. Comfort is key

I love dressing up my little angels, but when you’re traveling and rummaging through airports, comfort is key. I much prefer having my kids in slip-on shoes over having to do and re-do the laces over and over. Flying also comes with drastically changing temperatures so having layers you can easily pull on and off will save you. (See more on my travel outfits here!)

4. Keeping cool (and hydrated) under pressure

One of the variables that seem impossible to control is the ear pressure discomfort for that ascent and descent. Something that is still, at times, uncomfortable for adults will definitely be painful for the little ones. However, having your kids drink water just after takeoff and 30-45 minutes before landing when they announce the initial descent can save them a little bit of ear distress. The swallowing action helps with the pressure and also provides the benefit of hydration. Just make sure you stock up with enough water bottles after passing through security for everyone to share, even with a possible delay.

5. Pace yourself

Be sure to not only download videos, come up with games, and pack snacks for the flight, but also portion it out so you have enough for the entire vacation. Kids will likely need their own in-flight entertainment, and can mostly expect plane food to be uninteresting (although Delta is now serving up Cheez-its!). But, don’t burn through everything on the way! I know it can be hard to resist offering up all the options en route, especially when they’re being fickle and it feels like the journey’s just started, but try to save some surprises up your sleeve for trip down-time and on the way home!

tips for traveling with kids, summer fun, mom bloggers, new york fashion blogger //

6. Packing the essentials

And here it is, the part you’ve been waiting for-the packing must-haves:

Diapers or pull-ons – Always bring more than you think you’ll need if your tiny humans aren’t potty trained yet. One diaper per hour of travel is recommended.

– Comfort items – Be it a “blankey” or their stuffed animal friend, make sure one of their favorite items are with them the whole trip. For kids, the comforts of home are just as magical as new and wondrous places.

Snacks – Cheez-Its, Goldfishes – whatever their pre-packaged favorites are, have them ready fun-size packs that are easy to grab and dispose of. I would stay away from the economy-sized boxes and if your favorite organic-brand snack doesn’t come in those little 100g minis, invest the time and energy to break it down into little zip-locks. The last thing you want is a massive snack spill!

Hand and/or baby wipes – Beware of germs and wipe down everything on the plane, especially in the bathroom! Baby wipes are also a great addition to have on the road, even just for yourself.

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The ever-important iPad – Keeping the kids entertained and happy through the delays, cancellations, and unavoidable moments of extensive transit to and from airports – or even in line for major tourist sites will save you the headache. If you have two little ones to entertain, have them share a device with a headphone splitter!

Backpack – If they’re old enough for their own seat, think about getting them a backpack or mini-rollaway to carry just for their one comfort item, a sketchpad, and coloring supplies. I’d keep the higher ticket items like an iPad in my own possession though, just in case of loss or damage.

Plastic & zip-lock bags – You never know when these bags will come in handy. I use them for quick and easy trash disposal, napkins, and to keep dirty clothes and shoes separate from the rest of the bag.

When you look back at the beautiful photos, Instagram posts, and memories, it’s easy to forget that those good times were such a struggle! I hope with these tips, tricks, and a helpful packing list, your traveling with kids will be a little easier and full with fun and affection. Let me know what tips you swear by in the comments!

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