The Ultimate Coachella Style Guide

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Rompers - Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

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Coachella is about the music, but let’s face it: it’s totally about the fashion, too! And it’s not just crop tops, short shorts, and flower crowns: I love Coachella because it’s an amazing place to express my style and myself through my outfits. Coachella fashion is so unique. It’s bohemian in a completely authentic way—every look you see there is true to the person wearing it, but at the same time has that relaxed bohemian vibe the festival is now so famous for.

If there’s an outfit you’ve been thinking about for months but have been too shy to wear it, Coachella is the place for it to make its debut to the world. Here is the ultimate Coachella Style Guide with some outfit ideas to inspire your festival looks, so that they can go way beyond the typical festival-goer look.



Kimonos Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //
Photo by c-Heads

Kimonos are perfect for festivals. So boho, and they’re offered in so many unique styles from florals to lace to solid colors. There is seriously a kimono out there for anyone, and they’re the perfect accessory to balance the heat during the day, and the cool breeze at night.


Boots Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

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A pair of cowboy boots and/or a fun pair of booties in metallic or a floral pattern are such a good choice for a music festival when you’re out all day. And we all know that sandals are amazing, but can wear your feet out after a few hours. With boots, you’ll stay comfy all day going from stage to stage and dancing the night away to your favorite bands.


Bodysuits Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

Photo by GotCeleb

I love bodysuits—they are so sleek, sexy, and can go with anything and everything— from a maxi skirt to short shorts and even flared pants. And the best part? In a bodysuit, you never have to worry about adjusting your top. So you can simply relax and enjoy the music, the desert heat, and all the inspiring fashion surrounding you.

Vintage Band Tees

Vintage Band Tees Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

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It’s never been cooler to wear band tees and to show everyone what music you love. You’re at a music festival—what better place to off your interests in music through your fashion?


Fringe Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

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I know, I know. Fringe might not still be in style, but at festivals, they make dancing fun. And in general, fringe is always fun. How can you say no to it? Seriously! Whether you have it on your clothing or on an accessory, it will instantly add a festival vibe to your entire look.

Off-the-shoulder Tops

Off The Shoulder Top Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

Photo by c-Heads

Off-the-shoulder tops are basically the new crop tops! They’re so in this spring and show the right amount of sexy with the perfect amount of femininity. Also a plus? Off-the-shoulder tops will keep you nice and cool while getting your shoulders some much-needed sun!


Maxi Dresses Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

Photo by Harper’s Bazaar

Maxi dresses are a must-have. At Coachella, a light and flowy floral maxi dress with a vintage floral pattern instantly give you that boho look. Maxi dresses are also super comfortable. And the flowy ones are super fun to photograph!

Statement Denim Jackets

Statement Denim Jacket Ultimate Coachella Style Guide //

Photo by Elle

As hot as it can get during the day, it can actually get pretty cool in the desert at night. So for those chillier nights, a statement denim jacket is a good choice. Details say a lot about your style and personality, so try a denim jacket with some detail that is true to your style such as embroidered flowers or lace frills!

Stay tuned for the Hottest Accessories Guide for Coachella.

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