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We have a hot, humid season ahead of us, which means it’s time to dig a little deeper into your skincare routine and make some necessary changes. My skin tends to be dry and dehydrated in the winter, but extremely oily in the summer so if I’m not careful about the products I use, things can go wrong real fast. This is why I’m such a big fan of seasonal skincare routines. However, I know the topic of beauty can be quite complicated and tricky, so I wanted dive into some of the summer skincare swaps you can start making right now regardless of your skin type.

summer skincare with fashion blogger jessica wang // Jessica Wang -

First Cleanse

Skip: Cleansing Balm

I’m a huge fan of cleansing balms, especially in the winter when my skin can use the extra moisture. However, they can be too heavy in the summer. For me, this can result in clogged pores, increased blackheads and breakouts. I recommend swapping out your thick cleansing balm for a light cleansing oil that’s capable of breaking down makeup and nourishing the skin without weighing it down.

Second Cleanse

Skip: Rich Cleansing Foam

You can probably tell that my winter and summer skincare routines are quite the opposite. In the winter, I struggle with using AHA/BHA-based cleansers because they tend to dry out and irritate my skin. However, they’re exactly what I need in the summer. I’ll be stashing away my rich cleansing foam cleansers in place of light hydrating ones like this one – or exfoliating cleansers.


Skip: Thick Facial Creams

Any rich moisturizing facial creams you’re using should probably go too. I actually love oil-free gel moisturizers like this one, which contain hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts, and silicon-free priming moisturizers. The key to great skin in the summer is paring back and lightening up your skincare routine. A good moisturizer is the best place to start.


Skip: Glow Serums

Our skin naturally produces more oil in the summer so you can really do without those fancy glow serums in your summer skincare regimen. Your best bet is to add a vitamin C serum to help even out your skin tone – and for antioxidant protection. Just be sure to seal it with a moisturizer and high SPF coverage.

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Products To Add

Extra SPF

The biggest misconception with SPF is assuming that the coverage listed is what you get. Most dermatologists know that SPF ratings are overrated and you’re probably only getting half of what’s listed. This especially holds true for foundations and moisturizers with SPF. In the summer, it’s important to double down on sunscreen. Add an SPF moisturizer, then layer on a base makeup product with additional sunscreen.

Exfoliating Products

Exfoliants couldn’t come at a more convenient time. While it’s possible you can overstimulate the skin in the winter, we usually need a ton of it in the summer, especially if you have oily skin. I’m a huge fan of exfoliating pads, masks, and scrubs for both the face and body.


Most of us tend to spend more time outdoors in the summer, making our skin more prone to damage. One of the ways to minimize this is by masking regularly. A cooling hydrating mask is perfect after long hours of sunbathing while a clay mask is great when you’ve been traveling and have congested skin. I also always love a brightening mask to bring more radiance into my skin.

What summer skincare swaps are you making?

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