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In terms of color schemes and stories, we are seeing a significant change for Fall 2019. Generally, as soon as we get in an autumnal state of mind, we collectively shift gears to darker, moodier tones like grey, black and navy. However, this year we are seeing a push for more vibrant colors as the weather gets colder. Perhaps this is the fashion industry’s latest way to keep spirits high and moods lifted. To be honest, it is definitely working for me! You know I love my loud, in-your-face colors so I am certainly here for it. Below, I’m breaking down the biggest color trends of fall – and how you can incorporate them into your looks.

color trends of fall, beige outfit, monochromatic beige look, fleece jacket // Notjessfashion.comBeige

To start out with, I have to touch upon one neutral color because you always need a basis to build upon. Shades of beige, tan and ecru were omnipresent in the summer and will cascade into autumn. Head-to-toe neutral looks are an easy way to achieve a minimal, sophisticated aesthetic that we continue to lust over. However, beige is also a great color to act as a blank canvas for adding those pops of colors that Fall 2019 is all about.

color trends of fall, pistachio outfit, monochromatic green look, pistachio color trend // Notjessfashion.comPistachio

I have mentioned before on the blog how pistachio will be one of the largest color stories of the season. This more muted shade of verdant is a lot more wearable than the neon green that was trending just a few months before. I think the entire fashion industry is drawn to it for the refreshing, calming effect it has. This season, you can try out a monochromatic pistachio look if you really want to go after the trend. Or peppering it into your outfits is just as effective too. For instance, a pistachio trench or puffer coat is a great, fashionable layering device to spice up any neutral outfit.

color trends of fall, Lavender coat, white cropped flare jeans, cropped flare jeans, glittery sneakers, fall fashion, winter fashion, white and lavender outfit, asian blogger, fashion blogger, new york fashion blogger, how to wear lavender, lavender outfits, fashion blogger street style, jessica wang, cozy outfit, casual fall outfit // Notjessfashion.comPurple

Purple, whether it is as soft as lilac or as vibrant as violet, is definitely taking the world by storm. I am a huge proponent of this Pantone because it is a fresh, feminine shade that has the ability to look good on everyone. When it comes to purple, I really love mixing different hues of this color in one look. Doing so gives it a lot of dimension and avoids looking like you are one singular blob of lavender. Expect to catch me in tons of purple outfits this season.

color trends of fall, fuchsia outfit, fuchsia dress // Notjessfashion.comFuchsia

If you want to stick out this fall, look no further than fuchsia. This hot pink color is typically reserved for warmer months, but we are switching it up this year and introducing it into a wider range of styles. The bolder, the better seems to be the golden rule as we move into fall and winter. Fuchsia is also a really great accent or all-over color. Whether the lapels of your suit be dipped in fuchsia or you add a pop of color with a handbag, hot pink is here to stay for the time being.

color trends of fall, green faux fur jacket, fur jacket and dress // Notjessfashion.comEmerald

In addition to the softer shade pistachio, I have also been finding myself gravitating towards a lot of emerald green looks. During NYFW, I ended up wearing this deep jewel-toned color quite a few times. I love this shade because it is a more appropriate for autumn but it is still quite bold and powerful – especially when delivered in luxe fabrics such as satin or fur.

color trends of fall, orange faux fur coat, orange color trend, orange outfit, nyfw street style // Notjessfashion.comBright Orange

Lastly, orange is another brightly colored hue that will be brightening up the streets against the cold, dreary backdrop. I absolutely adore orange and I think it’s certainly a color that is meant to be worn year round. If you do prefer to play it a little more safe, you can opt for a dustier or burnt hue. For me personally, the bolder, the better – I’m loving this skirt and this cardigan.

Did I miss any of your favorite colors this season? let me know in the comments!

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