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jessica wang wearing victoria's secret pajamas and sharing the best amazon life hack buys // Jessica Wang -

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We are all looking for ways to streamline our lives so things can run smoother and more efficiently. I think this very notion is why I have such an affinity for these “life hack” gadgets. I am sure there are several of you out there who know what I mean! Some of these products can be a little gimmicky and doubtful, but they could potentially revolutionize your entire year! Plus, the raving comments on Amazon speak for themselves. All of the following are highly rated and worth a shot in my book. Without further ado, let’s get into the best Amazon life hack buys.

jessica wang wearing fendi outfit at home and sharing the best amazon life hack buys // Jessica Wang -

Bowl with Food Scale, Timer, Temperature

For my frequent quarantine cooks or bakers, this gadget is for you. It is a stainless steel mixing bowl with a food scale, timer and temperature sensor. Talk about all-in-one – it’s going to save so much time and will allow you to accurately measure all your ingredients.

Electric Lighter

Say goodbye to your flimsy plastic lighter from the convenience store down the road. This electric lighter is the top notch replacement. It is rechargeable, sleek and portable. Plus, it is even windproof for those who need to start a fire in the wild. For those who aren’t so outdoorsy, it’s an amazing tool to light those candles!

Portable Espresso Machine

If you are someone who cannot live without your morning cup of joe, consider treating yourself to this portable espresso machine. It is manually operated and great for on-the-go use. All you need is your favorite espresso grounds and hot water. From there, it just requires a few pumps and you have a perfect 50 mL cup of coffee!

Car Seat Gap Filler

Let’s face it, the space between the side of the seat and the door in any car is absolutely dreadful. It seems like dropping anything down there sends whatever it was into an eternal abyss. So that is why I was so ecstatic to discover this car seat gap filler! It seamlessly blocks off that pesky gap so you no longer lose things to the pit of darkness.

Fabric Shaver

I hate those tiny lint balls that form from fabric pilling. This fabric shaver could occur on sweaters, towels and even furniture. Now you can get rid of them seamlessly without damage with this fabric shaver. It uses a sharp blade and vacuum-like action to get rid of all the lint on whatever fabric it touches.

Silicone Face Mask Brush

Stay sanitary and clean with this silicone face mask brush. This applicator is perfect for any face mask, peel or serum! Not only is it easy to clean but it also wastes less product because you will not find it getting caught in the bristles. Plus, it makes applying your favorite skincare so much easier.

Pant Extender

Don’t be embarrassed – we all grow out of our favorite pants sometimes! But there is no need to throw them away if you stock up on this item from Amazon. It’s a set of pant extenders so you can keep rocking your favorite pants comfortably. You just attach the extender to your waistline for an additional ½ – 2 inches!

Reusable Swiffer Mop Pads

I am trying to cut down on waste and these reusable mop pads are brilliant. You just attach it to your Swiffer like you would any other wipe and off you go! Not only is it cutting down on single-use waste but it will save you a ton of money in the long run! Win-win.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Personally, I find water bottles to be a bit annoying to hand wash with their weird grooves and shapes. Enter this self-cleaning bottle! It is charged via USB and neutralizes bacteria and gives you fresh water in just 60 seconds. This makes life easier while also keeping your drinking water sanitary!

Face Mask Holder

Keep an arsenal of disposable face masks with you in this holder. Trust me, I have had to turn around and go back for a face mask a few times. Now, you can get this nifty holder and stash it with an ample supply of face masks. Throw it in your handbag or toss it in your car center console for easy access!

What Amazon life hack buys have you discovered?

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