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Swimsuit Trends of 2019 - Yellow Bikini //

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Fashion moves at a rapid pace and it is good to always be one step ahead – which is why I wanted to delve into the swimsuit trends of 2019 that will be taking over shortly. This might seem ludicrous as we are in the middle of winter, but there is no such thing as “too early” in fashion. Plus, maybe looking to the future when the sun is shining will manifest itself into a beach getaway. You never know! When the spring/summer season rolls around, you’ll thank yourself for knowing what to expect when the retailers start rolling out their new bathing suit styles.

Swimsuit Trends of 2019 - bikini trends 2019, swimwear for summer //

Animal Print

This first trend comes as no surprise given the huge infiltration of animal print in clothing. Naturally, this loud pattern will make its way into the swimwear space as well. You will no doubt see a ton of cheetah print incorporated into triangle bikinis, one pieces, and cover ups. This is such a fun trend that will definitely make you stand out on the beach or at the pool.


Fashion is cyclical and this includes bathing suits. Think classic Baywatch style with a modern, sporty twist. You can expect the resurgence of 80’s and 90’s style swimsuits to be all over this summer season. Complete with a scrunchie and cat-eye sunglasses and your look is complete.


Taking it back even further, the belted swimwear trend is reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s. However, in 2019 it is done in a new, contemporary way. A belted bottom becomes the focal point of your swimwear look and it emphasizes your curves and the small of your waist. Be on the lookout for the incorporation of western belt details.

Swimsuit Trends of 2019 - red bikini, red cutout bikini //

Bows & Knots

When it comes to swimwear, it is all about the little details that make a bathing suit stand out from the rest. One of the main details that will be constantly utilized this upcoming season is the knot. Festooned onto the shoulder or on the sides of the bikini bottom, this simple addition adds a certain charm to your bathing suit.

High-Cut Legs

This particular style goes hand-in-hand with the retro trend. If you are looking to elongate your legs, definitely try out the high-cut leg style this summer season. They are designed to lengthen the body and accentuate your curves.

Add a bit of spice to your typical beach look.

Swimsuit Trends of 2019 - side cutout swimsuit, red one piece swimsuit //

Cut Outs

One piece bathing suits continue to trend in 2019 but with new additions. Cutouts in the midriff, back, and side are cleverly placed to show a flash of more skin without revealing too much.


If you had to transfer an urban street style look to the beach, it would look something like the rashguard swimsuit. This summer, you will see athleisure translated into sporty rash guard suits with long sleeves. They will be presented in an array of patterns, colors, and details such as zippers.

Which of the swimsuit trends of 2019 are you looking forward to most?

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