Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition

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Miu Miu Sunglass - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition //

Sunny, dreamy Nantucket had me lost in its tranquil seas and stunning cobblestone streets. My mission was some old fashioned R&R, but I also had another agenda –to attend the Wine & Food Festival. It’s hard to explain all I saw, ate, drank, and experienced because there was so much goodness that it felt almost unreal. 

Nantucket Style - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition // Notjessfashion.comDenim Dress - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition // Notjessfashion.comReflective Sunglasses - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition // Notjessfashion.comSummer Style Reflective Sunglasses and Dress - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition // Notjessfashion.comDenim on Denim Summer Style - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition //

Dress: (similar here) | Denim Jacket: (similar here) | Shoes: Free People | Sunglass: Miu Miu via Sunglass Hut

For this trip, I packed my comfiest dresses, a couple of light jackets to cozy up at night and the easiest shoes to slip in and out of. And I’m so glad that I bought a pair of new shades for the trip (you’ll be surprised at how a new pair of shades can refresh your entire weekender uniform). The sunnies I’m wearing are by Miu Miu from Sunglass Hut. I’ll admit, I got these solely for fashion purposes, but I definitely appreciated them for  protecting me from the sun’s rays, and allowed me to comfortably eat and drink in ultra-fashionista simple elegance while enjoying the beautiful outdoors

Nantucket Yellow Cape and White Dress - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition // Notjessfashion.comYellow Cape and White Dress in Nantucket - Hottest Sunglasses Trends This Summer: Nantucket Edition //

Jacket: (similar here) | Dress: (similar here) | Shoes: (similar here) | Sunglass: Miu Miu via Sunglass Hut

I know you might be thinking, “are sunglasses really worth it?” And I’m here to tell you absolutely yes. If budget is your biggest concern then I’m here to share with you a few different style options that are not only versatile but also quite trendy so you’ll be able to find a pair according to your personal style and means.

For the summer or any beach getaway that you have upcoming, these are the sunglasses trends to watch out for:

Flat Lens 

Go for the flat evolution trend, aka the new shield, because it’s seriously the hottest trend around. Go big, go bold, and be beach ready with the flat lens. What makes the flat lens different from other lenses is that it sits completely flat across the face rather than curving outwards as a classic style would do. Hence the name. This sunglass is sleek and it will make a fashion declaration to the world that you know how to rock the latest trends.


Super sexy circular sunnies are the ones you’ll want to have if you’re into boho beach vibes and 60s bombshell summer days. What makes this sunglass standout is that it’s effortless and easy-going while at the same time cool and chic. Circular shades have been seen all over the spring runway and work seamlessly IRL, too. Best for a square face as they balance out proportions, but whatever your face shape, circular shades work if you have the right attitude. Pair perfectly with cutoffs and a graphic tee or a blousy floral top.

Extreme Cat-eyes  

Looking to knock them out with your fashion clout?  Then the extreme cat-eye is the winner. What makes them so special? First, they are a timeless silhouette that brings heat to the fashion scene whether you choose a plastic, metal, or a mirrored lens.  Second, the cat-eye adds no-shame glam to any look and are a bold statement in colors and prints. Bonus –they look good on just about everyone and work with so many looks that it’s a must have summer 2017 accessory.

Retro Throwback  

Fresh and fun, the retro-inspired frame of the 70s will get you all the stares as you strut the summer walkway of your life.  The retro shade is funky and ideal for a crazy weekend getaway. They signal festivities and you’ll definitely be the life of the party in a pair of retro shades.  Go for any crystal colored or translucent frames. Either will make a statement, but the translucent frames will create an understated look that you can maximize with all clothing patterns and styles as they blend perfectly. Go for light tinted lenses –the hottest trends say blue, yellow, and rose are what’s on the fashionista summer menu.  Make your shades pop by choosing a simple summer look of cutoffs or boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee.

Geometric Shapes 

The most daring fashionista will go all out and get a pair of geometric sunglasses immediately. Don’t be afraid to go all the way outside the box and choose a hexagon or pentagon frame that add a splash of quirky flair to any summer ensemble. For the fashionista who wants to stand out in a crowd, this extravagant frame is the ticket. The angular shape will keep all eyes on you. And you’ll feel so cool that the summer heat won’t even phase you.

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