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One particular clothing piece I cannot get enough of during the summer are dresses. I absolutely love how freeing they are, how easy they make getting dressed and how effortlessly chic they always manage to look. Admittedly, I have collected more dresses than I care to admit but I find myself always browsing that particular section on my favorite retailers first. That being said, there are certain styles of dresses I find myself heart-eyeing more than others in 2021. Whether it is details such as tasteful cutouts or comfortable fabrications like linen, I find myself gravitating towards the following styles. Continue scrolling to discover what summer dresses to wear on repeat and where you can shop them for yourself.

jessica wang wearing a fendi mesh dress while sharing trendy summer dresses // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comjessica wang wearing a blue mesh dress while sharing summer dresses to wear on repeat // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a white mesh dress while sharing trendy summer dresses // Jessica Wang -

Sheer Dresses

Summer fashion and the warm weather that accompanies it is all about the subtle reveal of skin. In particular, I find myself really attracted to one-pieces that make

use of fabrications such as tulle, mesh and organza. It is such a tasteful way to add a little smolder to your favorite summer dresses which is perfect for when you are looking to make a statement. A sheer maxi dress is definitely going to wow whoever you come across – ideal for more formal summer events such as a wedding. Whereas, I have also been seeing an uptick in printed sheer mini dresses, which certainly have a more relaxed, cool aesthetic.

jessica wang wearing a yellow oscar de la renta cut out dress while sharing trendy summer dresses // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a white midi cut out dress while sharing trendy summer dresses // Jessica Wang -

Cutout Dresses

Speaking of revealing skin, this brings me to my next collection of dresses I have been adoring for summer 2021 – the cutout dress. This detail comes in a variety of different looks. Everything from a slice in the ribcage area, to an asymmetrical collar, to an open back, I would all classify as a variation of the cutout. You should not let the thought of extra exposed skin intimidate you either. Many of the cutout dresses

on the market are skillfully designed to be very minimal and classy, not necessarily made for just going out to the club. If you are still unsure, my suggestion when it comes to wearing the cutout dress this summer is to make sure the rest of the look is refined, whether it be a sleek pair of kitten heels or even a pair of hand gloves.

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This next category is not a particular detail but rather an entire wave of newage dresses that have been taking over. Cottagecore is an aesthetic that can be applied to things beyond fashion, such as home decor. But essentially, the term reflects a style that seemingly romanticises the rural lifestyle. Think Little House on the Prairie crossed with Chanel. So what does this translate into when it comes to summer dresses? There are quite a few qualities but these dresses tend to have one or more of the following details; puff sleeves, vintage floral prints, prairie-style silhouette, embroidery, ruffles and lace (to name a few). It is such a demure, feminine look that is perfect for frolicking around in the summertime.

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I will never get over my adoration for linen in the summertime. It is just so fitting for the season and always manages to look fresh and clean. Dresses already make getting ready so easy but linen ones are especially seamless and ideal for almost any situation. Sunday brunch? Linen dress to the rescue. Upcoming wedding? Linen is always a great option! Need a 4th of July outfit? Try a linen dress! As you can see, they are so versatile and will be a worthwhile investment to add to your rotation.

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I have a natural pull towards the dramatic flair of fashion and I am always looking for ways to elevate my favorite pieces. This is why I wanted to be an advocate for textured dresses this summer! An added ruffle, statement sleeve or a taffeta skirt just adds subtle drama to any old silhouette. It is a nice way to spice up your usual looks and a killer option when you want to literally dress to impress. Definitely make it a point to look for textured options when shopping for summer one-pieces to add to your rotation.

What summer dresses are you going to wear on repeat?

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