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jessica wang wearing a polka dot top with white shorts and metallic lace up sandals while sharing her favorite amazon summer boredom busters for kids // Jessica Wang -

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School is out and that means the kids have a lot of free time for the next couple of months! If anything, the pandemic has prepared us to balance work with family life in ways we could never have imagined. Therefore, I think we are all better equipped to tackle this summer more than ever. I went digging on Amazon and found a variety of toys, games, and activities you can do with your child to keep them busy and stimulated for these next few months. If you are looking for some unique summer boredom busters for your kids, continue reading to see some of my top picks from Amazon!

jessica wang wearing a green, ruched off the shoulder top, and yellow denim jeans while sharing her favorite amazon summer boredom busters for kids // Jessica Wang -

Giant Tumbling Tower

Everyone loves this classic tumbling block game – no matter what age you are. This jumbo version is going to be the perfect activity for intimate family gatherings or more large outside events! If you plan on hosting a lot during the summertime, this is definitely a must.

Push Button Fidget Toy

I do not know about you, but my girls, Hazel and Capri, have been utterly obsessed with these fidget popping toys. In case you have no idea what this item is, it is just a silicone sensory toy that mimics bubble wrap, which is similar to the idea of the fidget spinner. This fun set from Amazon will seriously provide entertainment for a long time!

Lego Minecraft

Minecraft is here to stay for children and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Instead of letting them be absorbed by the screen all the time, this is a fun, interactive way they can create a Minecraft space in real life.

Polymer Clay Kit

For kids who have a creative streak, this polymer clay kit is a way for them to unleash their artistic side. This set comes with 50 different colors. It even includes all the accompanying tools needed to sculpt and mold the clay into their creations! Once the masterpiece is completed, you would just throw it in the oven to solidify it.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess

This chess set is a replica of the life-size game that was shown in the first film of the cult-favorite Harry Potter series. For those with older children, you can teach them the ins-and-outs of chess in a more digestible, pop culture-friendly way. Plus, knowing how to play chess is a great skill for them to take into adulthood!

Yamaha Jr Guitar

I think it is always so educational and character building to learn an instrument, especially when the mind is young and receptive to new information. This Yamaha Junior guitar is perfect for those children who are ready to jump into the world of music!

Inflatable Swimming Pool

Summer is going to be scorching! If you do not have a pool, I highly recommend this inflatable option from Amazon. It is really affordable and a great way for the kids to get outside to beat the heat. It can fit up to 4 children comfortably.

Inline Skates

Even amongst adults, roller skating has been growing in popularity! If your son or daughter is looking for a new activity to take on, these inline skates are a way they can be active, get exercise, and have a lot of fun while doing so. Just do not forget to add on the helmet and knee pads to your order!

Sidewalk Chalk

Sometimes the best summer boredom busters do not have to be high-tech either! There is nothing quite like the hours of entertainment that classic sidewalk chalk can provide. Rather than drawing on a pad or piece of paper, the whole outdoors turns into their canvas. This set contains 160 pieces so it will most certainly last you throughout the season!

Paint & Plant Flowering Kit

For a summer afternoon activity, this paint and plant flowering kit is a really cute craft idea. It comes with the necessary supplies to decorate the actual plant holder and then 3 different seed packets – marigold, cosmos and zinnia flowers. This would also be such a cute gift for grandparents, teachers, and so forth!

What summer boredom busters will you buy to occupy your kids?

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