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Rose Gold Hair Color Trend //

Lately, I find myself saving several hair posts on Instagram and Pinterest with a common theme among all of them – rose gold hair color! I have been really drawn to the beautiful shades of pink, peach, and gold that more and more women have been rocking. Although I am not quite sure if I am ready to take the plunge into a rose gold mane right this second, the longer I think about it, the more tempted I become. Should I keep my blonde or go pink?

Whether it’s a dusty rose or pastel tone, pink-hued hair color tops my list of crazy trends to try. It’s got a discreet way of making hair seem super glossy, cool, and dimensional. Need some inspo? I’m luring you in today along with some suggestions for how you can color yourself rosey!

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend - Irene Kim //

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend - Gigi Hadid //

A Shade for Everyone

Rose gold is not your typical hair color, that is for sure. However, I truly think pink (especially those of the lighter variants with champagne or peachy undertones) are becoming more of a neutral nowadays. Rose gold is a new-age sophisticated take on this effeminate color. Plus, it happens to look good on every person (celebs included), no matter what your skin tone happens to be. The soft tones have the power to warm up the face for an equally bold, yet delicate look.

If you’re already a natural blonde, try a rose gold ombre to brighten up your face. And if you like the pink, but feels it’s too risky for your entire mane, rose gold highlights dish out an edgier look. For those of us with darker hair, a shiny rose brown or deep rose gold is perfect and does little damage. The point is, pink hues is becoming mainstay and there are so many different ways to get the look and make it your own.

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend - deep rose gold hair //

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend - Hillary Duff //

Box Dye Options

When rose gold hair first came out on the scene, it was a more difficult color to achieve and most definitely required the magic of a professional hair stylist. Now, due to the increase in demand for rose gold hair, there are now a multitude of box dyes available at your local store for a more affordable alternative. Surprisingly, these products can help you achieve the perfect shade of rose that looks like you paid a fortune at the salon!

Temporary Fix

If you are like me and on the fence of making rose gold a permanent hair color, consider some more temporary solutions! I recently found out there were tons of product on the market that lets you achieve the ethereal rose gold shade without the commitment. Depending on your hair type and preference, there are number of ways to transfer these pinky hues to your own hair. You can try a temporary tint or a deep conditioner treatment that allows you to rock the rose gold for a few days at a time. Or you can opt for an even shorter solution by picking up a 1-Day spray if you want to try rose gold out for a special event. The latter is what I am really interested in!

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend //

Rose Gold Hair Color Trend //

It is hard not to be infatuated with the allure of the rose gold hair trend. If you are looking for a change, either short or long term, this may be what you have been searching for! No matter what, rose gold hair is making an impact and it is here to stay for awhile.

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