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As someone who has worked for myself for quite some time now, I feel like I developed a good grasp of staying on task and managing my time. By all means these are not skills I learned overnight. Rather, I learned to prioritize my time better over the years by exercising a lot of self-discipline and utilizing constructive resources. For the new year, we should all make it a goal to actively try and increase our own productivity. To help out, I wanted to share my favorite productivity tools to help you get a head start on 2019.

Productivity tools for 2019, office style, chic office outfit, white leather jacket, express office wear //


The start of a new year means a brand new planner. As much as my job focuses on being present in the digital space, I must admit I sometimes like to keep a physical planner that I can bring with me. There is just something about physically writing down an appointment or an idea that is irreplaceable. Some of my favorite planners include the Self Journal, Moleskin, Panda Planner, and the Hobonichi.


iCal or Google Calendar

On the other hand, keeping an updated digital calendar has its merits as well. I am a huge fan of utilizing iCal because it’s free and easy to maneuver. Plus, it syncs up my computer, phone, and iPad. I love the fact that if I create a meeting on my laptop, it will automatically be updated to the calendar on my phone so I never miss a beat. In a field where deadlines are everything, this is extremely helpful. Since most people are on iPhones these days, iCal also allows me to be in sync with my employees. If you’re a Google Calendar user, note that you can sync it up to your iCal as well. The benefit of a digital calendar is that it can be accessed from practically anywhere, anytime. Start mapping out those goals and put a timeframe on them now!

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In need of a new and effective way of organizing all the jumbled thoughts and ideas in your head? Try out Evernote to give you a boost of productivity and organization for the new year. It captures a note or memo in any format – web clip, photo, audio file, video or handwritten note – and makes it easy to search and seamlessly access from any device. I always open up Evernote to record my thoughts whenever I am brainstorming content ideas for the blog or photoshoots.

Momentum Habit Tracker

If you struggle with managing your own time, make it a goal to incorporate the Momentum Habit Tracker into your lifestyle for 2019. It helps you to create the “perfect daily routine” by encouraging you to form good habits with the use of daily reminders and weekly targets.

Think of Momentum Habit Tracker as your own personal productivity coach who is constantly pushing you to succeed and stay on task.

Pomodoro Timer

If you didn’t know, the Pomodoro Technique is a time management approach that uses a timer to break down work into 20-25 minute intervals, separated by short breaks. While working on this timer, you remove all distractions for the full 20-25 minutes, which helps you get things done faster as it creates a sense of urgency. Test it out yourself by using this timer here.

Productivity tools for 2019, office style, chic office outfit, white leather jacket //


As a visual person, I work best when things that are minimal and aesthetically pleasing. This is why I love using Trello, a web-based project management resource that uses lists, charts, and cards to help you stay organized. It’s amazing for giving you a visual overview of everything you need to work on. If you happen to work with a team, Trello is amazing for collaborating and assigning tasks.

If I am planning out an array of blog posts and topics, Trello is my go-to. It is an easy, visually appealing way to lay out my ideas so they can be more easily digested. I also use it to create lists for when I am traveling, scheduling Instagram posts, and managing my to-do list. You can read more about my favorite apps for blogging here.

Todoist or Wunderlist

I have raved about Wunderlist many times before on the blog, but recently discovered Todoist, another powerful to-do app. For an extra fee, you can attach files, integrate your iCal, share tasks with other members, and set a reminder. If you’re looking for a free option though, Wunderlist is still the top contender.

What productivity tools are you using for 2019?

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