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One of my favorite activities for the summer is going on picnics. It’s one of my favorite summer activities with my kids—there’s so much to do, so many creative food ideas, and it’s a nice way to really enjoy the outdoors. Another thing I love about summer picnics? Picnic outfits. A picnic outfit can be super casual—you always have to be prepared for some kind of physical activity, from frisbee to tag—but you can make it chicer and summer with some easy seasonal touches that will still leave you comfortable in the summer heat.

Maxi Dresses & Sunhats

This is the best picnic outfit if you’re one of those people who prefers shade to sun—if you’re in this picnic for the food, and definitely not for the tanning. A maxi dress paired with a sunhat is one of the best ways to beat the heat without covering yourself up too much. A maxi dress lets your legs breathe, but if you’re sitting on the ground you don’t have to worry about flashing the world. And a sunhat will shield your face—and more, depending on how big it is—from the sun as well.

Maxi Skirts & Crop Top

If you want to show off some skin but sitting comfortably on a blanket on the ground is a huge priority for you, a maxi skirt paired with a cute crop top is perfect. The crop top shows some skin so you can get a summer glow, while the maxi skirt will keep you cool, stylish and most importantly, comfortable.

Floral Off The Shoulder Top & Denim Shorts/Skirts

You know I can’t get enough of flowers. And with off-the-shoulder tops being so in this summer, you just have to have a floral one. Paired with denim shorts, it’s perfect for a summer picnic. Seasonal, chic, and gives you room to move around—denim shorts are one of my summer go-to’s, especially days out with the kids who keep me really, really busy.

Overalls & Ruffle Top

What’s better for a picnic outfit than overalls? They’re so wearable in the summer, especially if your particular picnic is packed with some activities. To instantly turn the relaxed, super-casual feel of overalls into something a little chicer, wear a ruffle top underneath! It’s un unexpected touch with overalls and totally screams summer.  

Dress & Denim Jacket

If you want to give your legs some breathing room (and some sun, obviously!) then I suggest a mini dress paired with a denim jacket. The denim jacket will help with the breeze, but there’s also something about denim that is so perfect for a picnic. Bonus: the denim jacket can cover up if your dress is on the shorter side, and you don’t want to share your underthings with the world!

Which picnic outfit fits you most?

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