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Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, oversized scarf //

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One question I’m constantly pondering is, “What is good fashion sense?” In my experience, people seem to think there are hard and fast rules you need to follow in order to be well-dressed, but really, fashion is all about making your own rules rather than following others. Here are some outdated style rules I continually break – and you should too!

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, red & pink outfit //

1. Red & pink don’t go together

Okay, to be honest, I don’t know why this rule is even a thing, because to me there is nothing more fun than layering multiple shades and hues of similar colors! As you can tell from my various red outfits, I personally have nothing against wearing reds and pinks together! Prepare to see lots of it this spring.

2. Don’t pair black & navy

I wear black and blue together all the time! People think the tones are too similar, but the key is to keep the look balanced. Accessorize with jewelry, a belt, bright lipstick… There are so many ways to make these colors look great together.

3. Petite girls can’t wear…

This one really grinds my gears! Especially as an influencer, I feel like it is my duty to break these kinds of rules in honor of petite girls everywhere! People say that us shorter girls shouldn’t wear long skirts or dresses, and that is total nonsense!

I love midi and maxi skirts for literally any season – and even if they might have originally been too long for my legs, there are such things as heels and hemming. These are easy fixes to a simple obstacle.

Notjessfashion Blazer with Veronica Beard for Intermix, houndstooth blazer, wear a blazer from day to night // Notjessfashion.comOutdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, alice + olivia pleated skirt //

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, white boots, stripe scarf //

4. No white after Labor Day

People who know absolutely zero fashion rules all seem to know this one for some reason. But I’ve been wearing white all fall and winter for the last several years now! It’s such a clean neutral tone that freshens up any outfit – especially white shoes or a handbag.

5. Shorts are only for summer

Letting the season totally dictate your outfit choices really restricts your options in creating a perfect ensemble! Shorts in the winter are one of my favorite things to wear! If it’s cold, you can wear tights or over the knee boots. For spring, short suits are going to be huge so remember that you don’t need to wait for the beach to bring them out.

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, sequin dress //

6. Sequins are only for the evening

I love sequins for daywear! However, I find that most people are just afraid to come off too strong. Life’s too short to be worried about what other people think. It’s time to embrace your glamorous side with a sequin number from handbags to dresses and heels.

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, oversized coat, what goes around comes around nyc //

8. Don’t mix saturated hues

Again, I think people are just scared of looking too crazy – but this is another thing I do all the time! Wearing bright hues together is bold yet stylish!

7. Don’t clash patterns

The belief here is that mixing patterns makes for too busy of a look, but I believe that it is a really exciting aesthetic. You want to make sure they don’t clash too much by choosing one central pattern to be the focus, and have the others complement it, so they’re not all equally bold. You can also keep the look more controlled by wearing pieces of similar colors, balancing the size and shapes of the patterns themselves, or using the same pattern with inverted colors.

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break, nyc winter style, reiss pleated skirt, reiss leather jacket, pleated skirt outfit //

It takes a bit of practice to get comfortable, but if you’re looking to get started, try green and yellow – or green and pink.

9. Don’t mix metals

I used to think this was an important rule, but as I’ve acquired more jewelry, I just want to wear it all all the time! Wearing a gold belt, for example, with silver jewelry, or a silver bag with gold jewelry, just adds more bling and looks more fresh and natural instead of everything being so uniform.

Outdated Fashion Rules You Should Break - Marc Jacobs fanny pack, marc jacobs convertible bag, fanny pack outfit //

10. Match your handbag to your…

Another similar rule is that your handbag has to match your belt and shoes. Although I do this quite a bit too, I’m always very particular about the colors I choose… I personally feel that it looks best in strong saturated hues you wouldn’t expect to see in accessories. Being so meticulous about color coordinating can look too basic and boring.

What are some old style rules you’re tired of hearing about?

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