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Jessica Wang wearing a crop top with a smoked mini skirt while sharing nostalgic fashion trends // Jessica Wang -

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It seems that almost every single trend to be in the spotlight right now has circled back from a previous era. As we know, fashion is indeed cyclical and some of the greatest, most iconic looks from the past have been rewritten for 2022. Some of the trends that I had idolized when I was younger are even back on the scene. It definitely hits me with a wave of nostalgia, unlocking ancient memories from my past. Since these iconic looks are making their way back into mainstream fashion, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and put together some of my own looks that hit on every trending decade. So sit tight as we uncover modern-day takes on these nostalgic fashion trends.

Jessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a checkered mini dress // Jessica Wang -

70s: Boho Chic

The 70’s were all about channeling your inner bohemian with an emphasis on pieces that make you feel good from the inside-out, so it is no surprise that this style is being conjured up again in modern looks. Many of the pieces that fit into the boho trend from the 70’s feel more organic, freeform, and natural. One look that checks all the boxes is crochet. Brightly knitted tops and bottoms are a blast from the past and a fun look to incorporate into your wardrobe as we move into the warmer months. To create an outfit that hits the nostalgic fashion bucket while still looking fresh and new, style a crochet dress or top with something more edgy like leather. For instance, this crochet knit dress makes a natural pairing with these leather knee-high boots to simultaneously feel both old and new.

Jessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a pink puff sleeve dress // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comJessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a smocked puff sleeve top // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comJessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a collared dress by rodarte // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comJessica Wang wearing a printed top with matching shorts // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a puff sleeve midi dress // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comJessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a sheer dress // Jessica Wang -

80s: Puff Sleeve

When looking back at the style from the 80s, you can clearly see that they deemed bigger to be better! The fashion at this time period was all about accentuating the shoulder, which is why you can find a lot of tops and jackets with sewn-in shoulder pads when you walk into any thrift store. Channel the 80s in 2022 by opting for a puff sleeve shirt to add a dramatic flair to your outfit. A more understated puff sleeve blouse will do the trick but if you are looking for something to be a conversation starter, shop pieces that do not shy away from volume. I know it is a lot of look to take in, but it also makes for a fun, not-so-typical outfit that will undoubtedly garner a lot of compliments.

90s: Denim Overload

Jumping to 90s nostalgic fashion now, the first thing that comes to my mind is denim. The industry really went after this tried and true American staple in ways that were previously never done before. Of course, the one must-have piece in the 90s was a pair of baggy jeans. As we know, this has been trending for quite some time in the modern day and it is an easy way to channel the 90s into your everyday looks.

If you want to go above and beyond, layer on the denim for a pseudo-Canadian tuxedo inspired outfit. Rock your baggy jeans with a denim shirt or layer a denim dress with a matching denim jacket. The moral of the story is aht if you want to embody the 90s, the trick is to go after denim with full force.

Jessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring denim on denim // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing nostalgic fashion trends featuring a graphic tee and miniskirt // Jessica Wang -

Y2K: Cropped Everything

Saving the most popular trend for last – Y2K. With everyone hopping on this trend, now is your time to try it out if you have not done so already. Personally, I think the early 2000’s aesthetic is making fashion enjoyable by being more creative and less polished. For me, Y2K fashion focuses a lot on what it feels like to be youthful once again which means a lot of more confidence-driven pieces. To hit the nail on the head with this nostalgic fashion era, try rocking cropped versions of your everyday pieces. Of course, I am talking about the micro mini-skirts and cropped halter tops and baby doll tees that comprise a majority of that signature Y2K look. From there, you can elevate the cropped pieces and add a contemporary twist by accenting with items like a tailored coat or some heeled boots and a structured bag.

Which one brings out the nostalgia in you?

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