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Essential Winter Coats Every Girl Should Own - Green Fuzzy Coat //

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With winter just weeks away, it’s time to gear up your closet for the harsh cold. I don’t know about where you live, but in NYC, the cool breeze isn’t very forgiving. You’ve gotta bundle up from head to toe. I’ve already covered my top cold weather accessories and must-have winter boots. Now, let’s round up outerwear for the chilly days to come. The right coat will complement your outfit and flawlessly take your look from day to night. So, pick carefully.

If you’re looking for some new affordable beauties to add to your closet, look no further. Here are the winter coats every girl should own.

Essential Winter Coats Every Girl Should Own - Military Inspired Coat //

Military Inspired

This gorgeous coat style will take you from casual to dressy with the blink of an eye. Pick one with a fit and flare fit and gold buttons. A double-breasted one always looks classic and sophisticated. It’s a tailored piece that will look as lovely with a LBD as it would with jeans and a knit top or a business suit. Think of this coat as your one-style fits all situation. You won’t regret this purchase even if you spend a little more!

Photo by Tommy Ton

Menswear Coat

I adore the incorporation of masculine silhouettes and details into womenswear lately. These last few seasons, I’m noticing lots of borrowing from the guys in the outerwear department whether it’s a vintage duster, plaid blazer, or a tuxedo jacket. A menswear-inspired style is one of the winter coats every girls should own because it’s roomy enough for layers and allows you to move around comfortably. If this shape is too masculine for you, try it in a frilly color like red!

Essential Winter Coats Every Girl Should Own - Red Menswear Coat //

Windbreaker Jacket

Sure, a trench coat or a vinyl jacket will keep you dry most of the time, but in the case of a icy cold rain or snow storm, turn to your trustee windbreaker. Maybe you haven’t seen them since the late 90s, early 2000s, but they’re getting ready to replace your favorite bomber. Nothing better than a wind-proof, winter-proof coat to keep you dry just in time for the cold.

Essential Winter Coats Every Girl Should Own - Windbreaker Jacket //

Photo by Vogue

Fur Outerwear

Fur coats are one of those pieces can that can be worn with anything. They look glamorous yet casual and cool under all circumstances. Whether your pick is real or faux fur, they’re perfect for keeping you warm and cozy – just like your favorite blanket. Try a statement color like yellow or one in winter white for an instant fashion boost.

Essential Winter Coats Every Girl Should Own - Faux Fur Coat //

Gray Oversized Maxi Coat //

Maxi Coat

I love maxi coats because they’re so mysterious… No one will ever know what you’re wearing underneath but everyone will wonder. On days you need to wear multiple coats (which happens often in NYC), a maxi coat makes the ideal outermost layering piece for its oversized fit. However, don’t hesitate to wear them with jeans and sneakers to channel your inner detective.

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What winter coats are you investing in this year?

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