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jessica wang wearing a loewe outfit from mytheresa // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a loewe feather sweater from mytheresa // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a loewe bermuda shorts from mytheresa // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a loewe outfit from mytheresa // Jessica Wang -

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Hey guys, I’m switching it up from the typical fashion and beauty posts and sharing some major life lessons I’ve learned today. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’d know that my husband and I just had our birthdays – and this got me thinking and reflecting on everything that’s happened in my life up to this point. I was also asked this question a few months ago on my stories and realized I hadn’t put much thought into it. I figured this would be the perfect time to share them with you!

jessica wang wearing a loewe outfit from mytheresa // Jessica Wang -

1. You gotta spend money to make money.

When you’re just starting your career or getting a new business off the ground, it’s easy fall into a cycle of “rewarding yourself” with nice things that don’t necessarily generate more money. So many people in the business of blogging or fashion tend to get wired up in the comparison game (even if not intentionally). Before you know it, you’re constantly upgrading your lifestyle, buying the next “It” bag and splurging on the latest trends. It becomes so subconscious that you forget the real value of money.

No matter what stage you’re at in your life, remember that it takes money to make money. So, don’t spend too much on depreciating assets. The earlier you can put your money to use, the better off you’ll be in the long run whether that’s buying real estate, investing in index funds/stocks, or buying courses to further develop your skill set.

2. It’s not the passion that makes a difference. It’s endurance.

I hear so many experts and influencers echo the importance of “passion”. But honestly, I don’t think it’s passion that makes people successful. It’s endurance. How long can you keep playing the game without being rewarded? Oftentimes, success is about timing, and that’s why you’re more likely to be successful if you can keep at something over the long haul. I definitely think the wins I’ve achieved so far came as a result of plowing through and getting things done even when I was uninspired and it seemed like no one cared. As the saying goes, hard work almost always beats talent.

3. There’s no such thing as failure. Only feedback.

I have to admit… Patience is not my forte. I’m an action-taker so I like to create things and put it out asap to get feedback quick. This is both a blessing and a curse since I can be super hard on myself if I don’t see the results I want. It took a long time to come to terms with the fact that my work and career doesn’t define my self-worth. I do. When something doesn’t turn out the way I expect it to, I just pivot and do it better the next time. That said, there’s no such thing as failure. Only feedback.

4. Focus on value, not tasks.

Whatever it is you’re doing, focus on the value you’re bringing because, honestly, it’s likely pointless if it’s not making an impact. In other words, don’t complain about problems. Focus on creative solutions. This holds especially true in business… Too many people are going no where fast.

5. Your feelings/emotions are often a product of your fears.

The problem with the world is that most people project their fears on others and then blame them for it. The next time you catch yourself complaining, ask yourself why something bothers you so much. If you can get the root cause of the things that truly irk you, I think you’ll realize that it’s a product of trauma or some other experience you’ve had in your life. And that it has absolutely nothing to do with the other person or situation at hand.

What are your favorite life lessons?

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