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Free People Tiered Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Dress: Free People

Imagine painted houses installed on the side of a mountain that overlooks the ocean, where time seems to stand still, and where the Italian language dances like a song on the breeze. Yes, this is Cinque Terre and I cannot express the beauty of the village in words alone. I tried, instead, to put together outfits that would represent the landscape that I so quickly fell in love with. I hope that you’ll enjoy this Cinque Terre outfits round up and let it inspire you to have an Italian summer style wherever you are.  

Easy Linen

Easy Linen - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Top: (similar here) | Shorts: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here)

Summer demands a handful of easy looks. Thanks to the fashion goddesses for linen. No other fabric lets your body breathe in the summer like linen does. Nothing made me happier while walking around the steep streets of Cinque Terre than these linen shorts. Paired with a floral top, an earth toned headband, and basket bag (which I covered extensively here) –I resembled the natural surroundings while staying cool.

Italian Date Night

Italian Date Night - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Tank: (similar here) | Gingham Skirt: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here)

Put that pencil skirt to work. An Italian date night is a little more sophisticated than back home. It’s about classic lines. It’s about the ultra-feminine divine. I conjured the spirit of all the Italian goddesses and actress to pull off this look. The black and white checked pencil skirt will never go out of style and looks even more stunning with a simple sleek black cami. With a slicked back hairstyle and a red lip that would make Bacchus go crazy, I’m ready for a date night like never before.

Romantic Ruffles

Romantic Ruffles - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Top: (similar here) | Skirt: Sachin and Babi | Bag: (similar here) | Shoes: (similar here)

Ruffles are not just for playful moments. As noted by the ruffles on this dress, they can be downright romantic. I’m a big fan of ruffles, especially since they are everywhere this season. Who knew a black ruffled skirt could make my heart sing an Italian tune? The asymmetrical ruffles with white trim had me at first glance. The rest of my look was kept simple on purpose because with ruffles like these, it would be a shame to add distraction pieces.


Free People Tiered Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Dress: Free People (similar here) | Sneakers: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here)

A tiered dress that makes me think of waterfalls is the dress that gives my summer in Cinque Terre life. The coastal village brings the water element directly into fashion inspiration. Light and breezy and totally easy, this tiered dress was a daytime show stopper. To keep the look summer relaxed, I went for white sneakers which also helped me navigate the glorious streets without much hassle.

Cinque Blues

Blue Skirt and Lemon - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Top: Free People | Skirt: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here) | Sneakers: (similar here)

My Cinque blues were not the blues you might think of. They were blues of a different sort, one that reflected the ocean and sky, painted houses and a summer skirt. An electric blue skirt paired with a white tube top, sneakers, and the micro bag was the ideal outfit for an afternoon walking the cobblestone streets, admiring the culture, and trying a lemon granita to subside the heatwaves.


Yellow Jumpsuit - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Jumpsuit: Free People | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here) | Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Speaking of lemons, oh my golden sun goddess this jumpsuit elevated my fashion to the next level. Yellow lace –who knew they made such a thing. The goddess can be found in the details and this jumper certainly had detail. More than anything has serious sass. I enjoyed the ensemble, even more, when I slipped on a pair of yellow tinted shades. From head to toe, I embodied summer with this look.  

Romangiorre Colors

Green Layered Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Cinque Terre Days //

Shirt: Rebecca Taylor | Dress: Free People | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: Alice and Olivia | Sunglass: Alice and Olivia

Let summer bring life to any wardrobe. That means adding color and plenty of it. After all, summer is the perfect season to mix and match colors, patterns, and prints. I didn’t go too crazy with colors, but I really laid it on thick with my layering despite the summer heat. This one is one of my favorite Cinque Terre outfits.  A white ruffled top paired with a wrap around green goddess dress, I managed a look of Romanesque proportions. The view propelled into antiquity and reminded me that fashion and esthetics have driven humankind for centuries.

What an amazing trip to Cinque Terre that will forever be in my heart. I hope you can have your own fashion experience in Italy. And if you do, please share your story with me.



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