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The point in time in which we say goodbye to summer and gear up for fall can be quite confusing in terms of choosing what to wear. One day can be gorgeous with lingering warmth and the next day can be cloudy and chilly. Plus, don’t even get me started about the temperature disparity between the daytime and evening! Transitional fashion can be tricky but it all comes down to the art of layering. I am always hesitant to say goodbye to my dresses so I am a big fan of adapting them into autumnal appropriate outfits. When it comes down to it, finding the right layering device is key to making it work but it can be tricky because it automatically becomes the most visible part of your outfit. Read on to see my best combinations of jackets with dresses.

The Best Colors for Spring 2019, Colors fashion girls are wearing for spring, yellow dress // Notjessfashion.comCoordinate the Jacket and Dress

Sometimes it is not worth overcomplicating things! Coordinating dresses and outerwear in the same pattern or color does not mean you are lazy. It is actually a great way to make a huge statement in your look. Matching solid sets are as easy and effortless as it gets, but patterned ones definitely up the ante in terms of going after a trend.

Ways to look more stylish, nyc winter style, oversized coat // Notjessfashion.comGo for the Same or Longer Length

One of the trickiest parts about deciding on which outerwear piece to wear is the hem length and where it happens to fall. When in doubt, an effective look is to always match the length of your coat to dress, whether it be a midi or maxi. The overall effect creates a more streamlined, put together outfit.

Holiday Party Outfit Ideas - reiss pleated skirt, reiss leather jacket, pleated skirt outfit // Notjessfashion.comOr Go for a Cropped Length

On the other hand, you may choose to opt for the opposite route, which is just as effective at creating a chic outfit. Instead of matching the hemline, try rocking a shorter or cropped length jacket with your dress. A shorter outerwear option will give the necessary warmth but won’t detract from your outfit as much as a full length coat would.

Add a Belt

If you are not a fan at how bulky and lost you can feel in a larger jacket, try belting the smallest part of your waist to pull it in. Camel coats, trenches, blazers and chunky cardigans are all really great layering devices that are only enhanced with an added belt. This allows you to still maintain your figure and add a statement accessory to elevate your outfit.


Instead of treating the jacket and dress as a separate entities, why not treat them as the same? You can do so by going completely monochromatic with your outfit. This is a fun way to tie your whole look together because the two pieces work seamlessly together. Neutral monochrome combinations never fail to look classy. Or you can have fun with color and play with trendy shades like head-to-toe pistachio.

Add Texture

Use the colder weather to your advantage by opting for a trendier jacket choice that lets you incorporate some texture into your look. Come fall and winter, I adore layering my faux-fur coats, corduroy jackets and velvet blazers over my dresses because the differing fabrications really adds some interest and fun.

These are a few of my favorite ways of adapting dresses for the colder months! Choosing the right outerwear piece to put on top can be a conundrum but definitely keep these solutions in mind so you can extend the wear of your favorite dresses.

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