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fashion blogger jessica wang shares tips on how to level up in the workplace //

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Now that many of us are headed back to work tomorrow, it is time to start being proactive! Perhaps 2020 is the year you finally get that promotion or deserved recognition you have been waiting for. It can be really difficult to get acknowledgement for all the effort you put into your everyday job, especially if you work in a large corporate environment, but there are certain things you can do to make sure you get noticed. This year, take it upon yourself to finally work your way up. The following is my advice on how to level up in the workplace.

fashion blogger jessica wang shares tips on how to level up in the workplace // Notjessfashion.comShow Your Dedication

One of the most important things you can do to further your career in any company is to show just how dedicated you are to the business. I truly believe that nothing stands out more than initiative. If you put in the time and effort to show you are 100% invested in the success of the company, then you are already on the right path.

To show your dedication, take on more leadership roles/projects, produce high quality results consistently, and do things before you’re asked to. It is important to try and differentiate yourself from your coworkers and there’s no better way to do it than serving up great things before management knows they need it. Trust me, passion in what you do is such a desirable quality and a must when you want to further your career.

Be a Student of the Business

An important quality in someone eligible for a promotion is to ensure you are always a student of the business. This is imperative whether you are in Fortune 500 company or you work for a small start-up business. No matter what, you want to ensure you are continually applying your learnings so you can improve. To take this practice even further, take any lessons you learn and relay them to your boss and co-workers. This not only shows you are a team player but that you are dedicated enough to put so much time and care into what you do. Also, try deepening your knowledge by taking online classes – Creative Live, Udemy, Masterclass among others are great places to start.


Part of any job is to nurture your internal and external relationships. I cannot stress enough how being open and friendly to everyone you encounter is so important. After all, you never know if that one coworker will be promoted to your boss one day. Build on those relationships now so you can leverage them into workplace success later.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears green power suit and shares tips on how to level up in the workplace //
fashion blogger jessica wang wears green power suit and shares tips on how to level up in the workplace //

Find A Role Model and/or Hire A Coach

Life’s too short to figure everything out on our own. Instead, it pays to watch others, figure out what works for them, and rework the formula into your own life and goals. Don’t be afraid to use someone else’s experience or knowledge to move further along in your career. And this leads me to my next point… If necessary, hire a business coach. A coach can help you gain clarity and get you tunnel vision, which produces better results faster. Too many people are going no where fast!

Stay Organized

Lastly, one of my keys to success is to keep yourself organized. Any job can get overwhelming and hard to manage at some points, so keeping yourself and your tasks in check are a must. Think about it, if your boss gives you a laundry list of tasks to complete but you end up forgetting one or losing the work you completed, it shows irresponsibility. Keeping a planner, writing to-do lists and managing your calendar are all ways to stay organized at your job.

I find that these are some of the ingredients to success at my current and past occupations! Rather than merely showing up at your job and doing just what’s assigned to you, it is beneficial to go above and beyond. The right people will surely take notice and you will be on your way to promotion in no time.

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