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Everybody knows the feeling of getting stuck in a bit of a style rut. No need to panic – it happens to all of us at some point! And although in the moment, it feels like a fashionista’s version of a writer’s block, there are tons of easy ways to elevate an outfit immediately. I typically rely on special accessories to rejuvenate my style creativity – either that, or go with a few tried and true tips when I don’t went to spend too much mental energy getting dressed! Here are some of my foolproof ways to take any outfit up a notch.


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Show off a pair of fun, whimsical earrings

I firmly believe that no outfit is truly complete without jewelry. Getting more creative with

jewelry is my go-to move when I want to boost or redesign my look. I especially love chunky, motif earrings! They are such a great opportunity to incorporate a bold pop of color or dress up a basic look. A small detail that I’ve found actually makes a huge impact on a look is matching your earrings to other jewelry such as a ring and a cuff.

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Coordinate with a clutch

Tie your whole look together with a stylish clutch. They come in a lot of different sizes, but I think medium to slightly large clutches have the potential to grab attention and pull an outfit together. Plus, it’s nice that they are a bit more spacious for carrying essential items like your wallet, keys, and phone. Lately, I’ve been really into coordinating my mini bags and clutches with other subtle pops of color in the rest of my outfit. For example, I’ll match my clutch to my shoes or a thin belt. This trick creates a balanced aesthetic that looks well thought out without being too matchy matchy.

Top it off with a scarf

I think scarves and wraps are so elegant. They can ground a look with a sense of maturity, and also be playful and fun if you explore vibrant patterns. The best part is that adding a neckerchief during the warmer seasons to any neutral outfit can be instantly transformative. They are so eye-catching that nobody will even realize that you accomplished almost your entire outfit with just one piece! Plus, they also versatile – if you’re not in the mood for a scarf, you can use it to embellish a ponytail or dress up your handbag.

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Statement Pieces

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Since it’s still cold out, jackets are not only fashionable but also necessary! Even as we move into spring, outerwear is still an opportunity to take your outfit to the next level. I’ve already written extensively about my adoration for trench coats, but I just can’t stress enough how much a creative color scheme or pattern on a coat can take your look from an everyday outfit to a runway-worthy ensemble!


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How to Elevate an Outfit Immediately - Rothy's pointed flats, rothy's leopard print flats // Notjessfashion.comShoes are so worth investing in because you always want to have lots of options for days when you have nothing to wear! Switching up your usual black boots with some kitten heels or pumps for chunky sneakers can put a whole new exciting spin on an outfit!

Style Tricks

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Tuck it in!

A rule of thumb: accessories are the thing to make an outfit really stand out, and belts are no exception. Whenever a sweater or top is just looking blah, I always tuck it into high-waisted pants or skirt and add a belt to enhance the silhouette. This is a quick style fix that I apply on the regular!

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Go monochrome

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It’s easy to get uninspired with your wardrobe fast, so whenever that happens, I always challenge myself to put together a monochrome look. Going tonal always looks sophisticated while forcing you to maximize your wardrobe – which is what I love most about it. Plus, it’s always showstopping and turns heads even in neutral colors except black. This season, try out yellow, brown, or lilac!

What are some of your style tricks to elevate an outfit immediately?

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