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Although all the pieces in my wardrobe are near and dear to my heart, I take special care when it comes to my prized possessions – handbags. After all, I’m not exactly sure what I would do without this companion to house all my goodies and extras. Bags tend to be my investment pieces along with my shoes, so I want to ensure they are properly tended to. This can be difficult as I am constantly on the go and in and out of looks, but I do my best! I wanted to share the things I do to care for my designer handbags to ensure they last forever since I often put so much resources into them. Hopefully, you’ll pick up some no-fail tips on how to care for your handbags too!

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Keep the Dust Bags

When bringing home a new baby (aka a handbag), never toss the dust bag away! This little device is the key to protecting your bag and ensuring it stays in good condition and dust-free in the long run. If you do not happen to have a spare dust bag on you, repurpose a clean pillowcase which does the trick too.

Use Product

To be honest, I used to skip this step a lot because I had enough product laying around the house for myself, let alone my handbags. However, handbags can be pretty costly so I started to do all I can to maintain them in tip-top shape. I use a leather and/or suede protectant spray to ensure it’s safe from liquid elements (or spilled coffee).

Also, be sure to invest in a microfiber cloth to gently wipe your handbag down weekly. Before spraying anything on your expensive bags, I highly recommend you test a small area first.

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Protect the Inside

Don’t neglect the interior of your handbag either. I always use cosmetic bags and pouches for anything that could pose as a threat to my handbag. If anything happened to spill or if my lipstick slide decided to slide off, doing so contains the mess and makes it easier to clean. You could also consider investing in bag liners to act as a similar precautionary step.

If you ever want to resell later, this will help your bag maintain its value!

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Stuff the Inside

When it comes to storing my handbags, stuffing the inside of the bag is crucial, especially if you like your bags to hold their structure like I do. I like to use some older articles of clothing I will not be wearing anytime soon. Should anything fall on the bag, it is less likely to be damaged, compressed, or lose its shape.

Store in a Safe Place

Lastly, when it comes to storing your handbags for a longer period of time, make sure it is nestled in a safe place. Typically, I will stuff the bag, place it back in the dust bag and store it on a high shelf in my closet outside of any sunlight until I am ready to take it out for another spin!

Turn to a professional

Worst comes to worst, seek a professional – a trustworthy shoe cobbler will usually be able to help you out with stubborn stains, wear and tear, or installing other hardware you need. Do not attempt to fix it yourself otherwise you risk permanent damage.

What are some of the ways you care for your handbags?

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