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As we continue to shed layers with the warmer weather, we are seemingly reminded of last year’s golden tan and how pale we are now in comparison. However, laying out for hours at a time to get a little color can result in sunburn, dryness, and ultimately skin damage. Luckily for us, there are quite a few products out there that can help us achieve a natural, slimming tan in a much more convenient and safe way. If you are looking to get that beautiful summer glow from head-to-toe, read below on the products I highly recommend to do just so.

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Body Exfoliator

A summer glow begins with the texture of your skin so you are going to want to ensure you start the season with a smooth surface. A body exfoliator you can use to shed all the unnecessary dead skin will help you to achieve that ideal, silky texture. I recommend investing in a body scrub

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you can use all season long (and even into the fall). A weekly treatment in the shower will help to maintain the texture of your skin.

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It is also important to keep every inch of your skin moisturized! The sun rays can easily cause dryness which you will want to avoid no matter what time of year it is. When shopping for body butters and creams, look for intensive moisturizing super ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamin e. Always apply your body moisturizer after you dry off from your shower (especially if you exfoliate). Do not be afraid to reapply throughout the day if your skin feels really dry.

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Body Oils

You can also take the hydration a step further this season by doubling up with a body oil too. I recommend incorporating this product into your morning routine so you start the day with glowy skin. It will restore the moisture after a night’s rest and will give off a natural shine that will last you throughout the day!

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If you want to say goodbye to your pale, winter skin, the easiest hack to get an instant color boost is with a Self-Tanner. There are loads of great products that will give you a lasting glow – some even giving you color to last a few weeks. Be sure to take extra care when it comes to application by ensuring it is as even as possible. I also recommend using a mitt to avoid too much tanning product sitting on your hands.

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Body Highlighter

Although this last step is optional, you can also invest in an all-over body highlighter on days when you really want your skin to shine. It is literally an oil or a stick that works in the same way a highlighter for your face would work. These products incorporate some shimmer and sparkle into the product so your skin will glisten whenever the sun hits it!

Beyond skincare, you can also boost the quality of your skin from the inside too. Be sure to drink lots of water and incorporate a balanced diet of vitamins and nutrients to maintain that healthy glow!

What products are you using to achieve the perfect summer glow?

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