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If you didn’t have a goal for the new year, let me give you one now – skin glow up! Although there are some people who are blessed with radiant skin, we are all collectively dealing with elements like hormones, environmental stress and natural aging. And this is okay! But there are so many amazing, new products and innovative beauty trends out there that will amp up your regimen. So here is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about skincare in 2020.


the best products for skincare in 2020 //

Probiotic Beauty

Probiotics contain tiny microorganisms that promote healthy bacteria, which have amazing health benefits (like improving gut health). So why put it into skincare? It acts as an amazing ingredient for combating bad bacteria and reinforcing healthy skin. 2020’s beauty landscape is already shaping out to include a lot of this probiotic skincare. You can try probiotic infused facial creams, mists and serums – all of which will work to boost immunity while offering protection from environmental damage and aging.

Clean Deodorant

Skincare goes beyond the face too! Deodorant is a product that you might not think about but is definitely something you use on a daily basis. Rather than using those less expensive, chemical ridden deodorant sticks you find at any old drugstore, try out a cleaner alternative this year. Non-toxic, aluminum-free antiperspirants can be just as effective with the use of more ingredients like bamboo, coconut oil, and eucalyptus that keep you smelling lovely for the entirety of the day. I promise that once you convert over to natural deodorant, you’ll never want to go back!

fashion blogger sunbathes and shares her tip for skincare in 2020 // Notjessfashion.comNon-Chemical Sun Protection

Just like the aforementioned clean deodorant, this movement is also happening within SPF. First of all, if you are not already applying sunscreen on a daily basis, you need to start right now! This is my number 1 beauty tip in terms of prolonging the youthfulness of your skin. This year, you will find many people straying away from chemical-based sunscreen (e.g. oxybenzone and avobenzone) – and moving more towards mineral-based alternatives.

CBD Infusion

Last year, this trend really blew up and it continues to excel as we edge our way further into 2020. CBD, cannabidiol, oil is the new “it” ingredient and has proven to be quite effective in anti-inflammatory and is known to treat sensitive skin. And don’t worry – CBD is hemp-derived and therefore 100% legal. It will not get you high in the slightest so you can treat your skin without a worry. This ingredient has really blown up and there are so many products with it as the highlight ingredient from scalp treatments to facial oil and body creams.


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Sustainably Sourced

Sustainable skincare in 2020 is so widespread that it definitely goes beyond the beauty market and transcends into every retail segment out there. Sustainability is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. In the beauty industry, it can be hard to tackle as things like packaging and chemicals are hard to avoid. However, there are some brands out there that are killing it as far as being eco-friendly. True Botanicals is one of my favorite new age skincare companies who uses sustainably sourced ingredients. Plus, these products tend to aim more toward the natural, paraben-free side which is better for your skin!

Personalized Products

Lastly, one beauty trend that is making waves is the idea of personalization. Companies who offer services in which you fill out a survey and provide an analysis of your current state and what your beauty goals are. I have seen a ton of personalized hair care products and skin care lines. I think this is amazing and innovative in terms of beauty! It really allows you to target your specific problems and ensures you are investing in the right products to help you achieve your 2020 beauty goals. If this piques your interest, check out Clinique ID, The Buff, Skin Inc, and Waft.

Anything new with skincare in 2020 that you’re excited about?

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