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Nothing beats wearing the perfect, patriotic Fourth of July outfit with the sun shining, and the barbecue grilling! I know it can be easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged when it comes to styling outfits for such a vibrant holiday, but with my Fourth of July outfit guide, you’ll outshine all of the stars on the flags. Whether you’re into a themed or more subtle look, scroll ahead for three easy steps to pulling together an on-trend and festive ensemble.

fourth of july outfit guide //

1. Pick a color

It’s no secret that red, white, and blue are all we can think about for July 4! I love a good pop of color just as much as the next girl; however, the best advice I can give you is to stick with one or two colors that really stand out. Doing so will allow you to look chic without your outfit being too busy or loud. For example, opting for a white dress with red lipstick is a great way to incorporate two of the three main colors without much effort. Earrings and bracelets are also fabulous ways to sneak in more colors. If accessories aren’t really your vibe, my suggestion would be to dive deep into your shoe closet. Red and white are amazing colors for heels, sandals, and flats!

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2. Pick a theme

Next up is definitely picking out a print. One thing to stay mindful of is to pick one print and follow through with it to complete a well balanced look. Whether it’s a classic set of stars, stripes, or polka dots, I would not recommend mixing any of these. Not only can it mess with the cohesiveness of the look, but it’s also super easy to get lost in an outfit that doesn’t work well together. A lot of the time, our surroundings and events for the Fourth of July are usually so colorful and demanding that it’s best to complement one another instead of working against them.

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3. Pick a silhouette

Last but certainly not least, find a silhouette that works with the occasion while maintaining a flattering fit! Instead of opting for a jacket or pants, go with shorts or a romper this Fourth. If you want to be a little more conservative, maxi dresses and jumpers are amazing go to pieces.

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4. Accessorize

At the end of the day, you’re never just restricted to festive colors and prints. So, wear whatever color or pattern you desire – and show your pride in the most subtle way be it through star charmed accessory, bold-colored earrings, or braided bracelet. I rounded up some fun and beautiful options below.

What do you plan to wear on the fourth of July?

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