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Alice + Olivia Floral Print Top // NotJessFashion.comAlice + Olivia Floral Print Top // Alice + Olivia Floral Print Top // NotJessFashion.comAlice + Olivia Floral Print Top // NotJessFashion.comAlice + Olivia Floral Print Top //

Top: Alice and Olivia | Skirt: Alice and Olivia | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: JW Anderson

Since summer is in full swing, it means flowers are in full bloom. And I’m not just talking about going to the local park or the nearest nature reserve to catch a glimpse of the bursting buds. Floral patterns envelope what summer is all about –illumination, organic ambiances, and feminine frills.

For this look, I’m pairing my floral patterned top by Alice and Olivia with a matching print skirt to show you the endless possibilities of floral pieces. Together these pieces form a chic dress and I know that as separates they will work wonderfully with other basics in my wardrobe. For example, I would pair a cami with the skirt, and maybe black skinny jeans with the top!

Alice + Olivia Floral Print Top // NotJessFashion.comAlice + Olivia Floral Print Top //

If you haven’t noticed, floral tops are everywhere –and they go with everything. Don’t take my word for it, try out this latest trend yourself, but before you do read my suggestions of which tops will suit you best.

Dark Florals

Florals on navy or black bring out vintage vibes. They are quite literally, in one word –stunning. Dark florals embody a mysterious edge that tones down exuberant floral patterns. Body suits in dark florals are super sexy. T-shirts in dark florals are edgy, casual, and intense. Button-ups in dark florals are as good as this trend gets. Have fun pairing the dark floral top with black leggings, high-waisted medium blue denim, and navy skirts.  

Yellow Florals 

If you’re going to go for florals, go all way –just dive right in. As a matter of fact, yellow florals go surprisingly well with black or blue denim or even white skirts or shorts, so yellow florals are more versatile than you might think. Yellow florals won’t just make you pop in a crowd, but you’ll feel seriously buoyant and bouncy from all the glowing yellow.

Floral Ruffles

What to switch it up a bit? Why not try ruffles –they add texture and give a new life floral prints. Floral ruffles are for the fashionista who is willing to take on two major trends in one outfit. In order to pull off this look, make sure that the bottom half if super simple and that nothing distracts from the floral ruffle top. Popular looks for a floral ruffle are off-the-shoulder, camis, and vintage-inspired blouses.

Sheer Florals

This list of floral tops wouldn’t be complete without sheer florals. Here is the summer’s classic. Summer craves the sheer floral top. It’s been a staple in women’s wardrobes for at least a few decades now. Sheer florals are best paired with a simple jean or cut-off, even some mini-skirts love being paired with sheer floral patterns. If you’re looking to feel romantic, this is the floral top for you.

Large Pattern Florals

Classic and refined, the large floral print is super easy to dress up or down. While small floral print tops are cute and dainty, this season it’s all about exaggerating. Large floral patterns bring fashion game to serious heights. No matter the color, this trend it the one to rock to work or to play –find the right accompaniment that suits your setting and goes wild with a large floral print.

Floral print tops should be sprouting from your wardrobe as soon as possible. It’s such a gorgeous trend that you shouldn’t think twice about slipping on a floral print top. Consider the season –after all, summer is the prime time to give flowers their due spotlight and there’s no better way to do that than with a floral inspired top. See my floral dress round up here.

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