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fashion blogger jessica wang wears green and yellow outfit while sharing fashionable tech accessories // Jessica Wang -

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We live in a tech-evolved world and given the nature of my job – I tend to be connected to the internet at all times. From my Apple watch to my laptop to my iPhone (my most important tool), there is always something nearby that allows me to quickly access my social channels or email. I have also been sharing a ton of iPhone tips and tricks on Reels and TikTok, so for today’s post, I thought I would share some amazing yet fashionable tech accessories that are going to make your gear much cuter! With upgraded phone cases and wearables, you’ll have fashionable tech accessories that are bound to turn heads wherever you go.

fashion blogger jessica wang sits in home office while sharing fashionable tech accessories // Jessica Wang -

Floral AirPod Pro Case

Of course, no tech haul is complete without the earphones to round it out. I always bring my airpods everywhere and was so happy to see so many brands coming up with their own cases for these. This gorgeous, Case-Mate collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. is absolutely adorable and adds such a cheerful vibe to the headphones you might use on a daily basis. I also think the brighter print makes it so much easier to spot if it’s on a cluttered counter or thrown in the bottom of your handbag!

iPhone Necklace Case

All things chain related are trending this season – and it’s finally transitioning into tech accessories. For instance, this iPhone necklace case offers a glamorous way to keep your phone handy. You won’t have to worry about losing it either since it’s strapped around your neck. I adore the marbled acrylic links!

Gucci iPhone Case

To be honest, your cell phone is used a lot more than any of the other handbags or shoes you own, so it might behoove you to invest a little more in a designer phone case if you want to treat yourself. This classic, GG logo iPhone 11 one is so iconic and is something that will not clash with your everyday outfits. Plus, it is really going to elevate your mirror selfies from here on out! If you want something more colorful, there is also an updated floral version for those who want something other than the classic print!

Tortoise Phone Case

If you are not quite ready to jump the gun for a designer phone case, you can still upgrade your phone situation by just grabbing a new case. How many of you have been using the same case for years? Switching out your phone cover is really fun! I love this brown shell tortoise pattern one. It offers such a chic, sophisticated look that I am sure you will get tons of compliments on.

Apple Watch Strap

I love my Apple Watch but was definitely a bit hesitant before investing in it because I wasn’t sure if it was a style I felt inclined to wearing on a daily basis. However, there are so many different Apple Watch straps and bracelets out there so you don’t have to sacrifice your style for tech. This Kate Spade silver watch bracelet looks classy and manages to blend a lot better with my everyday looks.

Lipstick Powerbank

This is both a functional gadget and more of a novelty piece – but I had to share this lipstick powerbank because it is so irresistible! Since I use my electronics more than the average person I always need some source of charging power to stay afloat. The worst is a dead cell phone at the most inconvenient of times! To avoid such casualties, you can grab this Richmond & Finch backup charger is great for popping into your bag for emergency charges.

Shearling Bluetooth Earmuffs

If you’ll soon be braving frigid temps, perhaps these shearling bluetooth earmuffs can make late fall and winter more pleasant. The fuzzy genuine shearling keeps you cozy – and you can listen to music at the same time. It’s definitely one of my essential but fashionable tech accessories whenever I have to commute!

What fashionable tech accessories have you been loving?

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