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Looking back at outfit photos from many years ago, I found myself cringing at some of the fashion choices I made! Actually, it was quite humorous, but I found myself grateful that my stylistic sense has evolved and become more mature. Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes down to what to wear. I think any celebrity, blogger, and fashion stylist can agree to that! With that in mind, I wanted to reveal the top 10 most common fashion mistakes women can make, so you can avoid them!

1. Revealing too Much

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, but be sure to do it tastefully so. Revealing too much skin can actually be off putting, especially in a more demure setting. A dress or skirt too short and tight never looks fashionable, but an open back top/dress or a leg slit in a gown gives off a classy vibe.

2. Wearing the Wrong Size

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to shopping, is ensuring you are wearing the right size. Ill fitted garments do nothing to flatter the figure – whether they be too small or too baggy. Wearing bottoms too tight will reveal an unappealing muffin top. But a piece that’s too oversized (when it’s not supposed to be) completely drowns you out. You should be wearing the clothes – not the reverse.

3. Not Evolving

Although fashion has a tendency of repeating themselves, one mistake many women make is not evolving their fashion sense. Do not get caught up in one era for the rest of your life. You can still maintain your sense of style by approaching it with a more modern twist. I don’t believe in limiting yourself too much.

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4. Trying Too Hard

I see someone as trying too hard when they’re wearing all the trends of the season at the same time – or trying to be sexy by showing too much skin. Layering up on trends or bling can actually be distracting from the outfit itself. Plus, it can easily look tacky and gaudy. To avoid this, be selective when choosing your trends for the day. Think about your layers and the juxtaposition of your garments. A fashion-forward outfit is always thoughtful and balanced.

5. Wrong Undergarments

Many women seem to neglect their undergarments because it is hidden and not something everyone else sees. However, this is a big fashion mistake! Be sure to always have the right underwear when you need to avoid VPLs (visible panty lines). It’s really unattractive when someone is wearing a sheer dress and I can see exactly what they’re wearing underneath.

Additionally, a good push up bra, strapless bra and pasties always come in handy. Sometimes, it’s the only factor needed to elevate your look. Check out my post here for undergarments you need.

6. Not Dressing for the Occasion

Always know the environment and dress accordingly. The worst thing is to be under or over dressed for a situation. When in doubt, always inquire about the dress code prior to an event so you can plan ahead! Not only will you look awkward, but you will feel awkward – and when that happens, it totally kills the mood. That being said, when in doubt, slightly over dress.

7. Shopping for Instagram

A new age fashion mistake I see a lot of people committing to is shopping strictly with Instagram in mind. Too many people nowadays are focused on what is trending, what will encourage more engagement, and less about what clothing they actually like. To me, that defeats the entire purpose of having a true personal style – and being influential through your style.

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8. Not Dressing for Your Body Type

It takes a real woman of grace to confront and own up to her body. There are a lot of things we all want to wear, but it’s most important to find the right piece that accentuates your body. For example, when buying culottes or midi skirts, consider where the garment cuts off.

You never want it to cut off on the widest part of your calves. My rule of thumb is to go just under the knees or 3/4 of the way down. Also, when wearing cropped trousers or jeans, make sure the hem cuts off above the ankle. If you go at the ankle or just an inch off the ground, you may end up looking like you’re wearing high waters. Us shorter gals will also want to pair these kinds of crops with heels!

9. Not Paying Attention to the Details

One of the most common fashion mistakes I see is when women fail to pay attention to details. Over worn heels never look good when you’re walking. If the soles of your shoes need to be repaired, it’s worth hiring a shoe cobbler. Make sure your heel tips aren’t worn down either otherwise you can damage your shoes. And pay attention to tags sticking out or threads coming through tops that need trimming. Failing to do so can look very rudimentary.

10. Dressing for Anyone Other Than Yourself

It’s crucial to understand that women only dress for themselves. We should not focus our mindset on trying to get the attention of another person, impressing someone, or pretending to be someone we are not. And worst of all, do not feel the need to compete with another woman – or “show them up”. Above all, we dress to feel confident, love ourselves and enjoy the art of fashion. The best accessory is truly confidence and the strength to hold your head high.

Which of these fashion mistakes have you been guilty of?

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