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Jessica Wang wearing a fendi trench coat and tapered pants while sharing emerging fashion brands 2022 // Jessica Wang -

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Although I do have my list of favorite brands that I hold in high reverence, I am always willing to branch out to new labels for unique pieces to add to my collection. That said, we all know that the start of the new year comes with a lot of fresh perspectives and outlooks, so I wanted to explore the emerging fashion brands to shop before everyone else. Exploring different brands allows you to discover something new and who knows… You might stumble upon your future go-to place for all things fashion. I put together a list of shops that were definitely less well known to me, in hopes that you find your own treasure trove of chic fashion and irresistible accessories to integrate into your wardrobe. So if you are ready to explore, keep reading below to unearth some trendy items from emerging fashion brands in 2022.

Jessica Wang wearing a zebra printed shirt with a lavender skirt while sharing emerging fashion brands 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Lisa Says Gah

Perhaps my favorite amongst all these new finds is this shop, Lisa Says Gah. I immediately resonated with their curation of youthful, high energy and their strong Y2K inspired looks. For those who have been on the retro, early 90s wavelength, you will likely fall head-over-heels for Says Gah. The psychedelic prints and bold color combos are enough to put you in a trance until you just have to add-to-cart. This is definitely a fun place to shop if you desire more creative energy and care-free vibes into your everyday wardrobe. Plus, they have a funky collection of home decor too!

Jessica Wang wearing a knit caridgan and grey sweatpants while sharing emerging fashion brands 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Nap Lounge

This brand debuted in 2020, during the midst of the pandemic. While many businesses were struggling, Nap Lounge rose out of the ashes to deliver us high-quality loungewear to soothe our anxiety and worries. Since we were spending so much time at home, Nap Lounge wanted people to prioritize their own comfort, thus the brand was formed. They offer nothing but luxury comfy clothes. Ranging from cotton track sets to draped trench coats, Nap Lounge blurs the line between pajamas and regular clothing.

Jessica Wang wearing an oversized monogram caridgan with matching shorts featuring valentino while sharing emerging fashion brands // Jessica Wang -

Farm Rio

Although technically not a new brand in history, Farm Rio is relatively new to me. I thought it was 100% worth including in this list of brands worth getting to know in 2022. It is a well-known label in Brazil, where it originated, and since then, has become a powerhouse in terms of fashion and sustainability. This is your new shopping destination if you aspire to add some flair to your wardrobe. They currently feature quite a few gorgeous, eye-catching knits and an array of eclectic puffer jackets inspired by colorful tapestries. Farm Rio is such a fun brand and worth looking out for in the upcoming year. Say goodbye to boring clothing!

Jessica Wang wearing a striped cottagecore dress while sharing emerging fashion brands // Jessica Wang -

The Great.

Cozy, warm, and cottagecore are the words I would use to describe the next clothing brand, The Great. With such a rise in popularity of vintage-inspired, country-esque clothing, The Great is such a lovely brand to add to your arsenal in 2022. The designs are impeccable and all invoke such a whimsy and feminine charm.

So if long, sweeping maxi dresses, collared blouses, and soft-to-the-touch sweatpants are your kind of jam, then start shopping pieces from The Great below.

Jessica Wang wearing a fur trim coat with a wrap top and denim jeans while sharing emerging fashion brands // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a tan rib knit set while sharing emerging fashion brands // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a leather coat with patent boots while sharing emerging fashion brands // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a cut out top with a slip skirt // Jessica Wang -

Open Edit (via Nordstrom)

We all know and adore Nordstrom with all of our hearts but are familiar with Open Edit, one of their own clothing lines? It is full of streamlined pieces and elevated basics with touches of trend-right details. The best part about Open Edit is that everything is reasonably priced and nothing within their current collection is over $200. Find everything from elevated puffer jackets to protect you from the cold this winter to minimal heels and blazers to fill out your work wardrobe. I am warning you though – there are so many good pieces that you might succumb to an Open Edit shopping spree!

Gentle Herd

Raise your hand if you are a sucker for anything cashmere! You know I have my hand up right now. Cashmere never fails to feel luxurious, especially at this time of the year. Lucky for us, I have recently discovered Gentle Herd, a company that specializes specifically in cashmere and wool. These fabrications are farmed sustainability from Inner Mongolia and crafted into gorgeous wardrobe staples. Although Gentle Herd looks and feels lavish, the price points are incredibly reasonable for being so!

Are there any other emerging fashion brands you like that I didn’t mention?

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