Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try

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If you love Coachella as much as I do, then you’re already planning what you’re going to wear. A serious Coachella goer must be prepared to show up to show off. And I’m here to give you some Coachella beauty and hair inspirations to achieve a look that screams sizzling summer style done the fashionista way. It’s not just about the outfit, but the hair and beauty. Take a peek below to learn how I flaunt my Coachella style.


Headwrap - Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try //

Photo by Elle

There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there with stunning patterns and beautiful designs, it’d be a waste to not to put them to good use. A headwrap, such as this one, is the ideal summer hair accessory. It’s also a perfect way to protect your hair from sun damage. Try some adventurous looks to bring Coachella to a new level.

Metallic Lipstick

Metallic Lips -Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try //

Photo by Dida

This summer is all about metallic and that goes for lipstick, too. Almost any color can become metallic, think sapphire, emerald, ruby, baby. Grab a rose-colored metallic to be romantic, a bronze metallic to be a sun goddess, or a silver metallic to embrace futuristic designs. This Coachella beauty tip will set you from the rest!

Glitter Makeup/Face Dots

Glitter Make Up - Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try //

Photo by Premier.

The 90s bubblegum glitter is here to stay. Ravers, hippies, Gwen Stefani wannabes are just a few who use glitter as ornament. Face dots, like stickers and fake freckles, are the summer beauty trend that all girls gotta try. Body glitter and makeup will be everywhere; apply shimmers to the body to inspire that inner Coachella fairy queen.


Highlighter - Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try // NotJessFashion.comPhoto by ThisIsTVKnow

With the sun in full effect, Coachella babes need to take advantage of the good lighting. And that means applying highlighter. No face is complete without the proper application of highlighter. Summer doesn’t mean a bare face, but it does mean giving it special attention. Apply on the cheekbones to be extra fierce.

Jeweled Headpieces

Jeweled Headpiece - Top 5 Coachella Beauty and Hair Trends To Try //

Photo by CraftHub

A jewel headpiece is the summer style adornment that should not be ignored. Whether you have short or long hair, a jeweled headpiece adds that little touch that catches all eyes. Try transparent beads and jewels to catch the light, organic materials, and even faux-gems to get those princess-vibes moving.

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