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Chic Colorful Coats - Pink Coat with White Booties //

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The ultimate way to give your cold-weather looks a boost is with chic colorful coats! I’m no stranger when it comes to using this tactic. In fact, I think I wear far more color than the average person. I have my fair share of neutrals too, but a bright statement coat always packs the perfect punch. I’ve put together a list of some happy colors you should try before the season ends. It’s a great day to stock up since several mid-season sales are in session right now.

Read on to get all the chic colorful coats your wardrobe could appreciate!

NYFW 2017 Winter Day 2 Recap //

Chic Colorful Coats - Bright Orange Trench Coat Street Style //


Orange is a color you have to be prepared to go all out on. It’s bold, surprising, and fresh! To avoid looking like an obvious Halloween combo, pick an orange with a rusty undertone like this one here. When paired with black leather accessories, you’ll be killin’ it on the streets, forcing bystanders into a double take.

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Chic Colorful Coats - Red Plaid Coat - A Valentines Day Look //

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us quickly, this is the perfect time to debut a sizzling red coat! Whether you’re looking for a plaid or tailored version, a red coat will lighten up the mood and inject a cheerful air into your winter outfit. Plus, you’ll be on trend like never before.


Like lavender, yellow will end up being a major hue this Spring. It also happens to be one of those colors I’m obsessed with throughout the year. You can go ahead and get your dose of Vitamin C now with a golden yellow coat. From fur textures to velvet and wool-blends, a yellow coat will be the sun during those bleak cold days.

Photo by Olivia Palermo

Chic Colorful Coats - Mustard Yellow Coat by Olivia Palermo //


Chic Colorful Coats - Roberta Benteler in a Green Duster Coat //

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Of course I couldn’t leave green out – my #1 color this season! Although I’m inclined to say go for a vivid green coat, I know khaki green has a more bespoke feel. But no matter your pick, don’t shy from mixing green with sportier elements like a baseball cap and sneakers or more feminine ones like a top handle purse.

Chic Colorful Coats - Pink Coat with White Fur Boots //


Finally, I don’t think any chic colorful coats round up would be complete without pink! From pastel pinks that almost resemble lilac or bubble gum shades, it’s become a mainstay and can be worn like a neutral. It looks great with pastels, jewel tones (like emerald), and neutrals. A long-line style with wide lapels will give you that polished, office look while an oversized blazer keeps things masculine and unkempt.

Which chic colorful coats are you incorporating into your winter outfits this year?

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