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If there is one thing that almost all women have in common, it is probably our appreciation for a lovely scented candle. There is something so magical about the way fragrance can emanate its odor throughout the entire room. Unlike pillows and other decor pieces that simply look pretty, candles can instill a certain mood using scent and aesthetic. My long obsession with candles means I have tried out a decent amount of brands and there are a few that stick out in my mind. If you are a fellow junkie like me, here are the best smelling candles of all time – I’m linking only a few noteworthy ones from each brand!

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Boy Smells

This is actually a more recent discovery for me, but once I burned one, I don’t think I could ever go back! I keep one in constant rotation at all times now. Boy Smells is unique because it takes the concept of the candle and interprets it in a more gender neutral way so it is not just for females. More masculine scents are packaged in aesthetically pleasing votives, acting as both aromatherapy and a decorative accent. Some of my personal favorites include Les, which contains jasmine rice and Asian pear. Or Ash, a blend of palo santo, smoke, and a few other scents that come together for a unique, woodsy but tranquilizing smell.


If you are into decadent, luxurious candles, you absolutely need to invest in Nest Fragrances. Whenever I am hosting some sort of gathering at my house, I tend to pull out my Nest candles first. They smell absolutely upscale and divine, while also managing to project its fragrance through the entirety of the room. I’ll never get tired of the Moroccan Amber or Bamboo candle. Nest also carries diffusers, soaps and lotions which is perfect if you want a singular scent to carry over all throughout your home.



Not going to lie, packaging also has a huge influence on the candles I tend to purchase. Handsdown, Overose has some of the cutest packaging I have seen on the market. Each candle is really cute, which makes it fun to burn! And they’re now available at Nordstrom so you can take advantage of free shipping/returns. I love their colored wax with their Euphoriasme and Nudesse candle – both of which smell amazing! Overose candles are perfect for adding an accent to your home or they even make great gifts!



Diptyque’s packaging has become so iconic and has really evolved to be the aesthetic must-have for content creators and interior design enthusiasts alike. Just like Jo Malone, Diptyque has a breadth of beauty and home scent products to fulfill your every desire. I am continually impressed with how clean the Diptyque candles burn because they are made of high quality wax, which means you get to enjoy them for a long time. The Baies scent is so decadent and often fills me with nostalgia.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears yellow floral top with jo malone perfume // Notjessfashion.comJo Malone

As ubiquitous as Jo Malone is in the perfume market, it’s no surprise that the brand also dominates all things home fragrance. I love burning these when I am ready to wind down after a long day because each scent is so calming and really reminiscent of the most tranquil spa. Jo Malone also offers a few deluxe (90 hour life) and luxury (200 hour life) options for those big fans who never want to run out! I adore the Peony & Blush candle, which you can also buy in perfume form too!


Another really fun candle company is Otherland. They too showcase really contemporary, eye catching packaging that definitely adds to the whole home fragrance experience. Recently, they released a collection inspired by the 90s, which I thought was really innovative! Glosspop smells exactly like my strawberry lib balm I used to apply when I was younger – oh the nostalgia! What I love about this brand is that you can build a set of 3 candles all for $89 – very reasonable IMO.


A cult favorite are the Anthropologie candles. They seriously take the cake when it comes to whimsical, art-like votives that make decorating your home so effortless. I love the different material options they provide, ensuring there is a candle that fits the vibe of every room in the house. They are some of my go-to gift ideas for the holiday season or for house warmings. This one is perfect for spring and smells like a dream!


If you are looking for a more kitschy, unique candle gift – definitely check out Homesick. They have a wide range of candles where the scents are inspired by specific states, cities, countries or even memories. For instance, the New York City candle captures the scent of a spring day in Central Park. Homesick also has candles for reminiscing events like First Kiss (eucalyptus, sandalwood) and the New Job (leather, cedarwood, vanilla). These candles are such a win because they’re significantly larger and cheaper compared to some of the other options on my list.

What are the best smelling candles you’ve ever come across?

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