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Striped Blazer - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

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Banker stripes are the new basics. These thin stripes are a subtle print to make any piece pop, yet stay so neutral. Wearing them is easy. There are so many options –mixing and matching is a matter of having an open-mind about banker stripes as the new basics. Dress them up for a night out or the office. Dress them down for play or travel. Whatever you do, get into banker stripes. You won’t regret picking up on such a versatile trend.

It might seem a little far-fetched to use banker stripes as basics. But with a little imagination and some experimentation, you will quickly see that the banker stripe can be paired with a number of pieces and is way more fashion forward than using the same old khaki or other neutral colors to balance out your wardrobe.


Striped shirt - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

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If you’re not sure how to wear the banker stripes as a basic, the banker stripes shirt will be the best place to start. For those who want to keep sleek, simple lines, select a classic cut that’s suitable for work or layering with a summer dress. For those who want to go all the way into the trend, make your purchase count with ruffles or off-the-shoulder. Be sure to have fun with the lower half of your outfit with some bright summer colors.


Striped dresses - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

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Looking to make a statement while traveling? The banker stripes dress is lightweight and travels well. It has a flirty appeal that’s subtle. Whether you wear a short or long banker stripes dress, it should be a piece that you use to bring into your wardrobe this summer. It packs a punch without doing too much.


Striped jumpsuits - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

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Be as bold as you want to be in a jumpsuit, but a banker stripes jumpsuit brings another level or style. It will be classic, yet full of personality. The banker stripes jumpsuit is the one that you will want to wear for cocktail hour, date night or girl’s night out. It’s neutral enough that you can pair with vibrant colored accessories like lipstick, nail polish, earring, shoes, and micro bags.


Striped skirt - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

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Here is the ultimate banker striped piece. A pencil skirt in banker stripes is a version of pinstripes. This is the skirt you want to bring into the office –you’ll make a professional and personal statement. You can also go super mini and bring some serious fashion game to the summer scene. Wear a simple white top or cami to keep the look neutral.


Striped ruffles - Banker Stripes Are The New Basics //

Yes, you’re hearing ruffles again. Ruffles are having a long fashion shelf life this season and will probably be lasting long into the fall. Find ruffles that complement your style. Ruffles could come at the bottom of a dress or skirt, the top of a shirt, or as details to any number of pieces. Banker stripes ruffles add a girly element to a neutral piece. With a banker stripes ruffle you can really go big and not feel that you’re going overboard.

Stop depending on tans, khakis, and grays as your neutrals. Even the neutral of black and white can get a little boring. With banker stripes, you add a fresh feel to your summer wardrobe and break the mold of the standard fashion neutral. Fashion is all about taking something and making it yours –so go ahead and give a twist to neutrals with a banker stripes item.


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