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Jessica Wang wearing a wool coat with ankle sock boots while sharing her style resolutions 2022 // Jessica Wang -

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With 2021 coming to a close, it is about that time of year when we reflect on the past year and how we can better ourselves for the fresh beginning. I wanted to pay homage to these past 12 months because I learned so much about work, family, and what is truly important. I wanted to carry this mindset into everything I do. Since fashion is such an integral part of my everyday life, I felt that I should put a unique spin on my resolutions for this year with a focus on becoming a more conscious fashion consumer. Everything from being more fluid in style to cutting back fast fashion expenditures is all something I will strive for in the year to come. Keep reading to get the full scope of my promises and how you can adopt some of my style resolutions for 2022 within your own.

Jessica Wang wearing a blazer suit with a tie while sharing her style resolutions 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Adopt More Gender Neutral Styles

2021 really set the bar high for the fashion world. There was a lot of good to arise out of these past months, most notably the movement towards a more genderless style. Thanks to movers and shakers in the Gen Z and Millennial category, there has been a larger push for clothing that can be worn by anyone. It is so inspiring to see some of the top designers like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tommy Hilfiger on board. Which brings me to my first New Year’s style resolutions 2022 – adopting more gender neutral styles within my own looks. I am lucky enough to have gathered a following and I want to cater my posts more towards anyone who is interested. So expect more gender fluid fits from me in the coming year!

Reduce Fast Fashion Purchases

One of the big ones that I continue to stand by each year comes down to my own personal efforts to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Choosing quality over quantity is a surefire way to reduce your fashion footprint. In order to do so, make a promise to yourself that you will reduce your purchases at any fast fashion company. By default, these clothes are practically designed to be ephemeral and short-lived. If you trade up and opt for something of higher quality, you might actually save money in the long-run because these pieces can remain in your wardrobe for much longer. Thus, keeping your most beloved items (and money) from getting dumped into a landfill.

Jessica Wang wearing an off the shoulder mini dress while sharing her style resolutions 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Commit to Garment Care

Jumping off my last 2022 New Year’s style resolution, the next thing I am making a commitment to is garment care. Your clothing’s lifespan can be greatly extended when you take utmost care of your clothing. Tips on garment care include following the care instructions, washing on cooler temperatures, or using a delicate bag when necessary. Going the extra mile in cherishing every piece in your closet so you maximize its use is an amazing way to reduce your carbon footprint. This goes for accessories too! Take extra care with your leather goods, utilize a dust bag, and opt for repairs when needed.

Donate Pre-Loved Clothing

Another relevant style resolution I vow to make for the year 2022 is to enact more regularly scheduled closet cleanouts. I will be the first to admit that I do have a fairly large collection of clothing and accessories I have accumulated through years of being in the fashion industry. Quarterly organization sessions will be better for my mental health since it will reduce clutter in the home. Meanwhile, I can donate the pieces I have grown out of to local charity shops or secondhand stores so each piece can be used and loved by somebody else, thus extending its product life too. Of course, in turn, you can also make it a commitment to shop more pre-loved and secondhand items too!

Jessica Wang wearing a strapless mini dress with a train while sharing her style resolutions 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Continue to Take Fashion Risks

Last but not least, my final New Year’s resolution 2022 is to urge myself to continue to take more fashion risks. I have always prided myself on not being afraid to stand out. I want to continue this attitude into the new year. Along with that, I want to let my true style shine. It is important to take note of trends but to always try and put your own twist on looks. After all, what you wear can influence your attitude and mood, so use your clothing as a way to let your personality shine! I urge you all to get on board with this style resolution for 2022 so we can collectively be more stylish and confident.

What are your style resolutions for 2022?

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