These 3 Workout Looks Will Inspire You to Get Moving

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JCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear // jessicawang.comJCPenney active wear //
Wake up and shower, get the kids dressed, make breakfast, pack lunch, find the missing shoe, make two perfectly even ponytails, drive the munchkins to school, pick up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping…all before 9 a.m.! A day in the life of a busy mom can be a bit of a whirlwind. Naturally, I need chic clothes that can keep up with my hectic lifestyle.

The daily schedule and tasks of a busy modern mom can be overwhelming. It can also be one of the reasons why so many women are struggling finding time to work out. I mean, when exactly are we supposed to fit in exercise? Well, I struggled with this dilemma too and I will tell you how I found a way to keep fit.

The answer is simple: work out at home! So as not to miss a beat with your fitness and miss precious time with your kids, working out at home is the simple yet straightforward trick to making sure you meet your fitness goals. Sometimes it can be a bit of a puzzle when to find time for the gym, working out at home gives you more flexibility.

When I made the decision to work out at home, I found that chic and functional active wear motivated me more to squeeze in my much-needed exercise time. JCPenney carries such an amazing selection of comfortable and affordable active wear that hug the body in all the right places and are made for movement. Xersion has a midi bra and capris that is perfect for an at-home sweat session. I wore Nike Court women’s sneakers from JCPenney too to give me support during my workout.

JCPenney active wear is also stylish enough to wear out for coffee breaks and errands. Just as my sweatshirt suggests: coffee and shopping are my cardio! Hey, no argument there. Cute graphic sweatshirts worn over leggings or sweatpants are my top picks for off-duty errand days. After all even when you’re grocery shopping, you still gotta do it with style right? I’m always on-the-go so I love throwing on something quick that’s cute and comfy, and adding a touch of warmth with my Arizona Faux Fur lace-up sneakers, yup, from JCPenney too.

I could go on and on about my favorite finds at JCPenney, but why don’t I leave it to you guys now to check it out? Happy shopping! #SoWorthIt


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Look 2: Xersion™ Graphic Sweatshirt, Studio Lattice CaprisBrushed Fleece Cowl Neck and Arizona Criss Faux Fur Lace-Up Sneakers
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