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fashion blogger jessica wang photoshoot with kids for world children's day 2020 // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com2020 has been a whirlwind of a year and it continues to unravel. Children, especially, have been hit hard all around the world as we continue to deal with crises like COVID-19. This is why World Children’s Day is more important than ever. On November 20th, we celebrate this day of action “for children, by children” to advocate and raise awareness on the most pressing issues facing our children. I could not be more proud than to use my platform to work with UNICEF once again to shed light on World Children’s Day.

Though 2020 has certainly taught us that life can be filled with many challenges, if we collaborate and work together we can get through it. We need to harness this same mentality to tackle things as imperative as children’s rights – because for far too long children have been overlooked. After all, this day was founded by UNICEF to not only celebrate the progress that has been made for children but also to hold leaders accountable and shed light on the work that still needs to be done. The goal this year is to not return to the ‘normal’ status we were before the pandemic because it was never good enough to begin with. COVID-19 aside, there continues to be inequalities in everything from healthcare to education to protection.

fashion blogger jessica wang photoshoot with kids for world children's day 2020 // Jessica Wang -

How does UNICEF help children during the pandemic?

UNICEF continues to deliver sanitation and medical supplies to areas that are in dire need. Since the start of the outbreak (and as of October 2020), they have delivered more than 154.2 million surgical masks, 62.5 million gloves, 10 million N95 respirators, 3.6 million gowns, 1.8 million diagnostics tests, 1.7 million face shields, 621,699 goggles, and 14,170 oxygen concentrators in 132 different countries. The total value of all these deliveries is $156.2 million! In fact, UNICEF is set to lead the procurement and supply of COVID-19 vaccines in the world’s biggest and fastest operation of its kind.

In addition to supplying supplies, UNICEF also recognizes how important continuing education is at this time. School disruptions put children at high risk for permanent drop-out, as well as forced marriage and labor—severely impacting their futures. 1.29 billion children in 186 countries (73.8% of total enrolled students) continue to be affected by school closures, so the organization has and continues to provide over 249.9 million children with distance/home-based learning.

fashion blogger jessica wang photoshoot with kids for world children's day 2020 // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comHow can you help?

Well, the first thing that you can do is to spread the word of the upcoming World Children’s Day that takes place on November 20th. This day can only be effective if we get as many people aware of it as possible! A quick share or link to UNICEF (here + be sure to tag @UNICEFUSA) on Instagram will allow the people you connect with to learn more and ultimately get involved! This is a fast, easy and free way to help the cause.

Secondly, I challenge you to wear blue on November 20th in honor of World Children’s Day – and share the photo to social media. This is the official color of UNICEF and by wearing and sporting your favorite blue outfit, you are showing your support for the cause. Remember to encourage your friends and family to wear blue too!

Lastly, if you are in the position to give, please consider donating to UNICEF to help increase their scale and reach so they can continue to support more children around the world.

As a mother of two children, the work UNICEF does really hits home for me and I am so honored to be a recurring partner. Join forces with me and make sure you mark your calendars for World Children’s Day on November 20th!