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work from home outfits featuring star printed pajamas // Jessica Wang -

Chinti and Parker Pajamas (Affordable) | Wolf and Rita Dress (On Hazel – similar) | Stella Kids Tee (On Capri)

Not going to lie, I could wear my pajamas all day long, but some things need to change. I’m taking it upon myself to actually get dressed every day this week and I challenge you all to do the same. Getting ready for a new day used to be something I was excited about. I could be as creative and spontaneous as I wanted, and the streets were basically my runway. But now that I’m cooped up at home all the time, I’ve been less motivated. If you’re like me and could use a little inspo this week, I’m sharing some work from home outfits that you can recreate everyday this week.

work from home outfits with white bermuda shorts // Jessica Wang -

Bermuda Shorts + Oversized Tee

One of the biggest challenges in getting dressed is nailing that balance between laidback, cool, and polished. I want to be dressed comfortably enough to lounge on the couch but presentable enough that I’m in the mood to work. After going through my outfits over the past year, I came across this look that I felt was not just perfect for spring but great while WFH. The bermuda shorts and oversized tee are both casual and comfy while the cardigan tied over the shoulder adds just enough style.

work from home outfits featuring sweatpants with cutout tee // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comSweatpants + Novel Tee

If sweatpants are a must in your work from home outfits, switch it up with a novel t-shirt on top. I love quirky prints (like this) or unique cutouts that make a t-shirt not so basic. My only caveat with sweats and a tee is making sure your hair and makeup are done so you look “intentionally” undone. Dewy skin with some blush and bronzer plus full brows are usually sufficient.

work from home outfits featuring peasant blouse and beige jeans // Jessica Wang -

Peasant Blouse & Jeans

The easiest WFH look to pull off now involves your favorite jeans and a blouse. Lighter-washed jeans like beige and white get me in the mood for the warmer temps. I’m sure you’ve acquired so many sweetheart neckline and puffed-sleeve blouses at this point that you can just pull them out of the wardrobe and whip up a similar outfit.

work from home outfits featuring matching sweatsuit // Jessica Wang -

Matching Knit Sets

The best part about work from home outfits is that you can stay comfy in matching sets whether it’s a cute printed sweat suit or a two-piece ribbed set. Although this is an outfit I’d usually wear while jet setting, I find myself wearing rocking it around the house during the week days more frequently. Neutral colors tend to look more polished – and you can even try knit trousers instead of traditional sweats.

work from home outfits featuring snake print midi dress and nike sneakers // Jessica Wang -

Printed Midi Dress

A casual midi dress is perfect for any day of the week. It’s breezy, looks polished, and you can transition from zoom meetings to virtual happy hour with the friends. Another reason to pull out those dresses is because you really don’t know when you’ll be able to wear it again. Life’s too short to let them hang in the closet all day.

What work from home outfits are you wearing this week?

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