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fashion blogger jessica wang with her kids and shares tips on what to do during a coronavirus lockdown // Jessica Wang -

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is staying safe and taking extra precautions out there! Things have escalated so quickly over the past several days regarding the coronavirus lockdown and it’s really changing lives in and out of the homes. I hesitated talking about this on my channels but given the condition of Tri-state region, I felt compelled to address it and share some activities that you can do with your family and children during the coronvirus lockdown.

Parents across the country are facing at least a two-week period of no school, leaving them home with their kids – and possibly forced to search for other childcare alternatives. Regardless of the home situation, the reality is parents and children don’t have the luxury of playgrounds, playdates, or other public options to stay entertained in attempt to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. I have to admit, I’ve been paranoid and even scared, but it’s so important to be cautious at a time like this. If you’ll be home for the next several days or longer, here’s are some things to do.

fashion blogger jessica wang with her kids during lunch and shares tips on what to do during a coronavirus lockdown // Jessica Wang -

1. Spring cleaning

I really feel like this is the perfect time to jumpstart your spring cleaning. It’s not only great to tidy up your belongings as school and work slow down but to wipe down your surfaces and disinfect heavy traffic areas in the home. Make it fun by delegating chores – even to the little ones like sorting laundry, grouping toys together, and wiping down the toy room. Need more ideas? Start here!

2. Cook a meal together

Baking is our jam – the girls love putting on their little aprons and getting their hands dirty. However, dinner is a different story because school nights don’t allow for it – and honestly, they’re still quite young. Now that you have the luxury of time, change it up and let them participate in dinner too whether it’s setting the table, peeling carrots, or washing vegetables. Even the smallest tasks can help them feel a sense of accomplishment.

fashion blogger jessica wang shares tips on what to do during a coronavirus lockdown with kids // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica wang shares tips on what to do during a coronavirus lockdown with kids // Jessica Wang -


3. Play school

No school? No problem! I remember playing school growing up and loving it. Even if there is no school, I’m a big believer that learning must continue at home. While screen time and computer games are great, it’s even better if you can be the ones teaching it. Then, play the role of a student and let one of the kids teach it back. Thank goodness for technology, you can easily print worksheets or make your own.

4. Have a talent (or fashion) show

I really try to celebrate creative energy in the home. Playing dress up and having a talent show is the ultimate entertainer. Don’t forget to bring the husband into the mix – or the grandparents if they’re available too!

fashion blogger jessica wang shares kid friendly tips on what to do during a coronavirus lockdown // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com5. Bring out the board games

Board games are a classic – especially during the coronavirus lockdown. I love that they can be both informative and educative too. Monopoly teaches them to count and manage money, Scrabble is great for word/reading development, and Chess for critical thinking and strategy.

6. Go outside

School closures are a measure of social distancing. However, this doesn’t mean you can leave your home and go out in your backyard. Now that the weather is getting milder, start practicing your egg hunts before Easter arrives, have a treasure hunt, plant something, and let the kids ride their bikes. It’s great exercise for the whole family.

What are you guys doing to stay entertained and busy during the coronavirus lockdown? What are your thoughts about the coronavirus?

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