Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Outfits Planning

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Tropical Getaway Style - Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Outfits Planning //

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Did you see the first part of my first packing guide? Well, check out the “Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Essentials“. The second best thing about tropical vacations is that the luggage is light. But the very best thing about tropical vacations is pulling out a hot summer wardrobe that lets you show off a little skin and sport all the latest trends of the season. Of course, you don’t want to over pack because the vacation is about your experience and less about stuff, however, you will want to leave some room for souvenirs to bring back from your trip.

Some of the items you pack can be mixed and matched with other outfits. And because there are so much to admire on your trip, so many amazing views and plates of delicious food that you won’t have to spend all day wondering what to wear. It’ll be as easy as any island life! Pack items that are versatile and interchangeable and get more out of your tropical vacation style than you ever thought possible. That way you’ll have more time to immerse yourself in your tropical environment 100%.

Travel Day

Think blousy top, boyfriend jeans, sandals, extra big shades and even a cardiganAt the airport, you never know who you’ll see or who will see you; you’ve got to keep your fashionista skills up to par. You can’t let your fashion fall to pieces just because you’re traveling. Actually, this is the prime time to show off your best while still remaining casual.

Any loose, blousy top will do, make sure it’s crisp and clean and free from wrinkles. Pair with distressed boyfriend jeans and a cardigan. Remember, even if you’re going to a tropical paradise, the flights can get really cold, so wearing jeans and having something to snuggle with will be the winning choice.

Extra big shades because you’ll want to sleep, but also upon arrival, you’ll want to start protecting yourself from the sun’s rays immediately.

Beach Day

This one’s quite easy. Bring the short shorts, tank tops, bikinis and a statement sun hatKeep beach day simple, but also keep all eyes on you. Don’t go overboard on the actual outfit. The secret here is a pair or shorts and jersey tank is perfect because they’re easy to get off and on.

The statement piece should most definitely be your bikini and your hat. Find a bikini that speaks to your soul, go for fringe or ruffles, go for fluorescent colors or cutout designs. The statement sun hat should be bigger than life and that will let people know how seriously you take fashion.

Day Out

Pack a long skirt or maxi, sundresses, button down, a fedora with sandals or sneakers for a day out. You’ll want to walk that line between easy and elegant. A long skirt or maxi/sundress will make you feel ultra feminine. Pick colors that favor the tropical vibes or go for large floral prints that help you feel at one with nature.

The button down gives the look an old school classic feel as does the fedora. Choose your footwear carefully, after all, you’ll spend at least a few hours walking and you won’t want to regret it tomorrow. Sneakers are my go to.

Night Out

A simple pair of stark white short shorts is a killer combo with a dazzling sleeveless top and wedges. White shorts are made for the tropical getaway and look stunning against sunkissed legs. Go for white denim or linen and avoid lycra or other material that don’t do white shorts justice. Even consider distressed or frayed white shorts to give a little spice to your outfit. The sleeveless top should be a solid color, any color that suits your skin tone. Tie the look together with a pair of white wedges that a white clutch. No other time or place is more perfect to wear all that white, so go for it!

Gone Exploring

If you’re thinking about hiking or exploring, remember to bring a plaid button down, shorts, sneakers, and backpack. On any island adventure, there will be plenty of places to explore. It all depends on what you’re into. Whatever the case, have some clothing items that will allow you to get into character while really giving you the opportunity to explore in the best way possible. Shoes are key! Don’t underestimate a pair of sneakers with good traction. Simple khaki shorts with cargo pockets, a plaid button down with a cami underneath, and a cap mean you’re ready to go.  So let the adventures begin! Pack some essentials like bug repellent, sunblock, band-aids, snacks, and water.  You never know where your adventure will take you, and that’s the joy of it.

Dinner Date

For a fancier dinner at night, you’ll want to make sure to pack flirty dresses, wedges or strappy sandals and a simple clutch. The best dinner date dress is the one with tons of movement. For islanders, dancing is part of the lifestyle they lead.  And you should try a few moves on the dance floor, too, if the moment presents itself. The flirty dress is a killer on the dance floor, but also shines brightly at any tropical restaurant. For a more refined look, go for dress sandals.  If you think you’ll be dancing, wedges are your best option.  Of course, you’ll need a clutch to keep your lipstick, bug repellent wipes, and mini-perfume spray.

I hope that you found this and my ‘Essentials‘ packing guide helpful! Anyone going anywhere fun this summer?

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