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Packing list for a winter getaway, winter travel outfit, winter in banff canada //

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As much as I love jetting off to warmer tropical climates come the wintertime, I also do really enjoy winter getaways. Whether you’re obsessed with snow sporting adventures or prefer to hibernate in a cozy cabin, winter vacations are a wonderful way to bond with your travel partners and to take in the beauty of nature. However, no matter where you go, packing for a winter vacation can pose quite the challenge. That’s why I am here to make your life easier. Read on for my ultimate packing list for your next winter getaway.

Packing list for a winter getaway, winter travel outfit //

Winter Coats

This item might be a no-brainer but I thought I would mention it regardless. If you had to splurge on anything to pack for a winter trip, a coat would definitely be the wisest choice! As the outer layer, your jacket needs to do a good job of protecting you from the snow, harsh winds and freezing temperatures. When shopping, be sure whichever one you choose is waterproof and heavily insulated. The great news is, if you have one great coat, that’s all you need, but you can also bring more fashionable options, such as a faux fur coat or a duster one to change up your outfits.


If you are going on a winter getaway, chances are you will spend a portion of your time in the great outdoors. The most essential clothing items come down to the pieces no one will even see! Thermals are an absolute must for layering underneath tees and sweaters. I would stock up on everything from thermal leggings to long sleeves – just ensure they are breathable so you don’t overheat.

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After putting on your thermals, what do you layer overtop? Sweaters! When packing, make sure you don’t reach for just the cutest sweaters in your wardrobe because it is important to choose wisely. Opt for sweaters comprised of wool or cashmere because these fabrications can keep you a lot warmer than any poly or acrylic blend. This is what I usually pack the most of.

Cold Weather Accessories

In addition to all the bigger clothing items necessary for a winter getaway, don’t forget the small accessories as well! Cozy knit beanies, heavy duty gloves, chunky scarves, and thick socks can make or break your outdoor adventure. Trust me, if your extremities are the first to get cold, it won’t take long before your whole body freezes up. Fortunately, they’re small enough and can easily be tucked away or stowed in your handbag


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Jeans & Joggers

Jeans go without saying. However, there will be days where you just want to be comfy and that’s where packing joggers come into play. Plus, they’re great for traveling in. I’ll usually only pack one or two pairs of casual bottoms and then a few pairs of jeans that I can rotate through. Try not to overpack in this department since it can weigh down your luggage. You really want to save room for knits.

Winter Boots

A warm, waterproof boot with tread will be a life saver if you’re trekking through snow. Sorel is one of the best brands out there and is definitely worth the investment. They’re actually pretty cute – and I wouldn’t have survived Banff without them. If you’re just walking around a city like New York, something like this will be just fine.

Packing list for a winter getaway, winter travel outfit, blanket scarf //

Face & Body Creams

If you are anything like me, packing the right skincare is just as important as packing my clothing. Subjecting your body to lower temperatures than it is typically used to can cause quite the toll. Be sure to pack your most hydrating products, especially a facial and body cream. Strong winds can do a lot of damage to your skin so it’s important to keep it treated.

Lip Balm

Don’t neglect the lips either! Windchill can certainly dry and crack your lips too so it is important to take precautionary measures. I love popping a tube of my favorite chapstick into my winter coat pocket so it’s easily accessible and I can reapply throughout the day.

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Although you are not heading to the tropics, did you know applying SPF is still just as important? In fact, I am a big proponent in incorporating sunscreen into your daily beauty routine everyday. If you are outside during the winter, the sun is still beating down on you. Take the extra step to protect your skin from the UV rays protects and prevents premature wrinkling. (Love this one here and here.)

I hope this helped you plan out your winter vacation and inspired you on what things to pack! Bringing all the necessary items to stay warm should definitely be your number one priority. Do you have any upcoming winter vacations?

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