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And just like that another New York Fashion Week has come out of nowhere and I am seemingly swept into the chaos and madness. To be honest, each year seems to get more overwhelming than the next – and yes, it can be extremely exhausting but also completely worth it. I find so much inspiration in attending the shows, hopping to the endless events and spotting unique street style whilst out and about. However, fashion week isn’t the same as it used to be. The landscape is changing as we know it and in order to stay on top you need to look to the future. For those of you interested in the industry, I wanted to share some tidbits regarding the future of fashion week!

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With the rise of social media, fashion week’s general purpose has generally shifted away from the buying perspective and has moved to a consumer experience. In the past, these shows were for department buyers to preview collections and curate pieces to sell in their retail locations. As influencers rose to fame, everything is shared with the public and events have definitely catered more towards this aspect. Within the same realm, the consumer opinion continues to weigh more heavily on the industry. What this means for us is that influencers will continue to play a crucial role in the fashion week game. This is great new for any aspiring influencer!

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More and more people are pushing for stronger sustainability practices from these big ticket labels. In fact, Stockholm Fashion Week was canceled this season because they wanted to approach it in a new way that caters to current demand for sustainable initiatives. Brands are continually being pushed to be more transparent when it comes to ethical and social practices. As a result, I see more and more labels infusing deeper, political stances within their collections. There is definitely a trend in which designers are expressing their opinions and telling a story through the beauty of their clothing and accessories.

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NYFW SS19 Recap, NYFW SS19 Street Style, holographic trend, metallic trend //


Tips for Surviving

Given this change of landscape, the prominent ins and outs of fashion week are still very much present. Constant running to shows, presentations, and after parties remain a constant theme this season. Trying to manage your hectic schedule and get everything you want to accomplish is a feat in itself. Here are some of my most crucial tips for surviving fashion week:

Stay hydrated – No matter how busy you are, never neglect your health. Sometimes you can be dashing all around town and the thought of food or drink might not even cross your mind. However, it is crucial to stay hydrated if you want to be alert and awake throughout the day and night. If your handbag of choice allows, definitely stash a reusable water bottle and fill it up frequently!

Emergency kit – Fashion Week inevitably equates to having tons of photos taken. The last thing you need is a mishap! I always try to carry the things you (or a friend) might need in an emergency beauty situation.

Blotting sheets, eyelash glue, band aids, and powder are a must for quick on-the-go touch ups.

Portable Charger – Part of the job consists of updating Instagram stories and posting photos on the fly. The last thing you need is the most important tool to die on you. I always make sure I carry a backup portable charger so my iPhone never runs out of juice.

Stay in – Most importantly, I think it is so important to work at night when the shoes are done. That means being antisocial after a full day of being social, sleeping, and sitting in front of the laptop.

Stay organized – It can be so hard to lose sight of the day especially with so much going on. I can’t live without iCal, Wunderlist, and Trello – they’re my go-to apps for staying on top of my game!

Fashion Week is heading towards some radical change in the future. In fact, we’re already seeing a large shift in landscape. However, the typical hubbub still continues and it’s important to be safe and have fun! I hope these tips help you survive your own Fashion Week experience. Cheers!

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