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fashion blogger jessica wang wears spring color trends in yellow // Jessica Wang -

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As you all know, I’m not one to shy away from vibrant, seemingly “hard-to-wear” shades. In fact, I find the more color options I am given, the more fun it is to put looks together! Spring is a great time to do that as we all look forward to the warmer weather. Plus, the change of colors from winter to spring brighten up drastically, giving a different vibe, so you can play around with different moods and aesthetics. I am already challenging myself to find ways to wear the biggest spring color trends now – many of which were unexpected. Keep scrolling to see which spring color trends are on my must-have list!

fashion blogger jessica wang wears coral jumpsuit and shares spring color trends // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comCoral

I have noticed that dusty blush shades have been transitioning into a brighter, warmer tone. Coral is a color I have been eyeing for quite some time. I find that some of these louder colors are sometimes easiest to go after in a big way! For instance, a great way to try out a new color is to style it for more formal events. A coral cocktail dress is such a fun piece and a great way to make a statement. Plus, it is a color that actually makes you look more tan than you might be, which is perfect for this time period! I also love it more casual looks too – like a boiler suit or matching set.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears lavender suit showcasing spring color trends // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica wang wears lavender dress showcasing spring color trends // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica wang wears lavender midi skirt showcasing spring color trends // Jessica Wang -


Pastels naturally lend itself to the spring season. I am a big fan of these lighter, more toned down versions of colors because they are easier on the eyes and can effortlessly be infused into an everyday look. Since lavender is more a demure, feminine shade, you can really play up this fact with how you wear it. A lavender puff sleeve top, midi skirt or silk top is the perfect fusion of spring pastel and femme fatale.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears yellow trench coat from luisaviaroma for mfw // Jessica Wang -


Given the reintroduction of warmer weather, there is no better time than now to add a more brighter, warmer shade to your outfit options – like yellow. Since colors have the power to set the tone, a structured piece, such as a boxy blazer, is given a different life in this more lighthearted shade. Yellow is really fun to pair with other bright colors such as blue or red. I will definitely be continuing to rock this color well into the summer too!

fashion blogger jessica wang wears blue skirt and plaid blazer showcasing spring color trends // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica wang wears blue pinstripe blazer showcasing spring color trends // Jessica Wang -

Classic Blue

I would be remiss not to mention the pantone of the year. Classic blue will also be repeated within the clothing I sport this season. The name is truly fitting as this is a medium dark tone that is almost the definition of the very color itself. This is one of the easier colors to wear so maybe you want to step it up a notch and go monochrome with your outfit. For instance, a pair of indigo jeans with a tiger printed top. You will definitely be dressed to impress in a head-to-toe classic blue look.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears green printed suit and stuart weitzman sneakers // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comAqua Green

I was such a big fan of pistachio green so for Spring 2020, I am adding a version of to my wardrobe. This aqua green is much more brighter and fitting for the sunnier weather. It is so fresh that every style it is added in manages to look more updated. An aqua green summer dress is tropical and carefree, whereas an aqua green suit is daring and powerful. Either style is going to be an amazing outfit to add to your rotation.


fashion blogger jessica wang wears red trench coat and leather shorts // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comNews flash! Red is always in every season but i am being particularly drawn to a flashy orange red. This fiery color is going to pack a lot of punch into your clothing collection.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears head to to red outfit // Jessica Wang -
This season, I will be incorporating this orange red into a lot of my outfits but I find that statement outerwear is a really good way to test a color out. Just pop it over any outfit and your whole aesthetic is completely transformed.

What spring color trends excite you most?

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