Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat

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Blouse and Skirt - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

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When you think of summer, we think of the beach and vacations, but we often forget about the daily struggles of finding the appropriate things to wear to our regular 9-5s. Some work places are not as strict as others, but it’s still important to stay profession with our summer work outfits.

We’re all trying to find ways to stay cool and look cool. The trick is having some pieces in your wardrobe that allows for maximum comfort while maintaining a fashionista edge. This can be complicated when it comes to work outfits. Sweating at work is the worst –not only it is embarrassing, it can ruin how you feel in a stylish summer outfit. So how to stay cool and not break a sweat? Take a look at these summer work outfits inspirations and have a go. At least one of these outfits will keep you looking your best and free from overheating this summer.

Cami + Culottes

Cami and Culottes - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

Photo by Notey

Culottes are one of fashion’s best inventions. They offer plenty of legroom which means plenty of breathing room for those humid summer months. What’s great about culottes is that they can be dressed down or up rather easily. For work, go for a sturdy fabric and steer clear of bold colors –think classic black, pinstripes, linen, silk-blends, or even a lightweight tweet. Since it’s summer, sleeveless tops are acceptable in the workplace, so why not select an appropriate cami –something simple yet feminine. Keep the look extra cool by choosing a strappy wedge.

Luxe Tee + Midi Skirt

T-shirt and Midi Skirt - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

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Don’t think you can’t wear a t-shirt to work. Times have changed, ladies. Now summer work outfits are more casual and comfortable than ever. Throw on a luxe tee from your favorite designer and pair with a midi skirt. Don’t go too short with the skirt or your summer work outfit might feel unprofessional. To maintain a workplace edge, go for flats, a high bun hairstyle, and a classic watch.

Shirtdress + Pointed Flats

Shirtdress and Pointed Flats - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

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The shirtdress is the ultimate summer work outfit that will save you time and keep you from overheating. It’s lightweight, classic, and is the quintessential workplace ensemble that all women should have in their fashion arsenal. Today, the shirtdress has been revamped which means there are tons of styles and fabrics to pick from. Try pairing with a cinched or a low hanging belt and definitely with pointed flats to keep the look office official.

Ruffle Top + Tailored Shorts

Ruffle Top and Tailored Shorts - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

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Yes, you can wear shorts to work, especially if they are of high-quality textile and properly tailored. Don’t think cut-offs here, that would not be suitable. But there are plenty of designer shorts that are giving the office place serious fashion flair. If you feel a little out of sorts wearing shorts to the office, consider a pair that has more coverage or toss on a pair of solid colored tights. Find a ruffle top to complete the look –go for ruffled sleeves and shoulder details. This summer work outfit brings serious fashion game to the workplace, so use sparingly, but use with confidence.

Playful Blouse + Knee-Length Skirt

Blouse and Knee Length Skirt - Summer Work Outfits That Won’t Make You Break A Sweat //

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Whether you choose a floral print or solid color, a playful blouse gives you all the breathing room you need during those steamy summer moments. Go ahead and roll up the sleeves if you have a long-sleeved version. Short-sleeves and sleeveless are perfectly acceptable, but consider bringing a lightweight cardigan in your bag if your office mates like the air conditioning on full blast. A playful blouse matches well with a pencil skirt or knee-length skirt with pointy toed flats –this is the summer work outfit of your dreams that you can use in steady rotation. Plus, it’s classic and will never get old, so feel free to add statement pieces to keep it fresh each time.

Summer work outfits have been given a makeover and that means as a dedicated fashionista, you’ve got to change with the times, too. Have fun with these summer work outfits and make any alterations to make them your own. Summer work outfits don’t have to be stuffy and leave you feeling sticky, they can really show off your innovative character as you find the best pieces to keep you cool in the heat.


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