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5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Dolce & Gabbana floral dress, Fendi 3Jours handbag //

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April marks a month of showers and May is the month of full blooms, so let’s talk floral prints. No matter how un-groundbreaking flowers are for the warmer months, fact is they can’t be avoided. No matter which fashion publication or retailer you’re browsing, you’ll notice that floral prints take shape in some form or manner. I wanted to share some of the newer iterations I’m loving in 2018, which will take you well into the next several months. From roses to daisies and sunflowers to abstract blossoms, you’re sure to find a fit.

If you thought all flowers were created equal, think again because I’m taking you through five very different versions below.

Sheer Embroidered Florals

Have you noticed the rise of embroidered florals from this past year? I’m sure you’ve caught its inception on denim jackets and jeans, but it’s cropping up again in a novel and stunning manner. Long skirts and dresses constructed of tulle, net, and chiffon now come with woozy florals adorning the surface. I’m a fan because this is a piece you can easily layer and wear year round. In the summer, rock it as is but take it up with boots and leather pants in the winter. It’s by far the most versatile floral trend yet.

5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Sheer Embroidered Floral Dress //

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Vintage Florals

Never thought I’d say this but wallpaper and vintage upholstery floral fabrics are in fashion! No surprises as the strangest things can turn up in this industry.

5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Dolce & Gabbana floral dress, Fendi 3Jours handbag //

And I have to admit that after living through several waves of pastel, watercolor floral prints, I’m gravitating more towards vintage florals. My favorite tricks are mixing saturated budding prints and psychedelic blooms with wardrobe classics such as denim, white accessories, bright solids.


5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Micro Floral Printed Dress //

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Micro Florals

I’ll be covering both micro and large florals today, but let’s begin with the smaller version because they always feel so nostalgic to me. Any of you recall Delias catalogs from the 90s? That’s exactly what I’m referring to. Nostalgia aside, micro florals in darker hues come off so moody and less girly, which is what I gear towards. If you’re in need of a fresh way to pull of micro florals, take it in a midi and pair it with kitten heel booties, sneakers, or mules loafers. But for a true summer vibe, rock it with woven slides.

Large Florals

Larger floral prints are harder to pull off, which is where the silhouette becomes so important especially if you have a smaller frame. Something like this shift dress always looks great with larger blooms. Another way to ease into the trend is to look for prints that incorporate both large and small flowers. Also, don’t just look for it in clothing – try an oversized flower earring, a printed handbag, or a bathing suit.

5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Dolce & Gabbana Hydrangea Shift Dress //

Tropical Florals

One of my favorite floral prints this summer ought to be the explosion of tropical florals. For instance, hibiscus blooms with big leafy greens. I’m loving this trend because it’s so bold and in your face with the exaggerated proportions mixed with primary colors. And anything that statement making means no need for the extras. You can always tone down these kind of pieces with solid separates so don’t let the daring facade deter you.

5 Floral Prints Perfect for Summer Dressing - Tropical floral print dress, tropical print trend //

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Which of these floral prints is your favorite?

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