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Statement Earrings for Spring - Chain Link Earrings //

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One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with a pair of statement earrings. They have the power to instantly elevate an ordinary look and make it look more chic, quirky, and unique. Mark my words, 2018 jewelry trends will continue to revolve around earrings – and the bigger, the better certainly applies. Don’t get me wrong, delicate and minimal stud earrings will always have a time and place, but you cannot deny that dramatic earrings have taken center stage when it comes to current jewelry trends. Many of the models this Fashion Week season have been seen stomping down the runway, earrings swaying with every single step.

That being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite conversation-starting earring trends with you guys!

Statement Earrings for Spring - Fringe Earrings //

1Fringe  & Tassel Earrings

Fringe and tassel details are not just for Coachella. When dangling off an earring, it makes quite the statement. These are a great way to add a bright and vibrant pop of color to an outfit which is perfect for this upcoming Spring season. Match it to a bold, billowy top as I did or play with clashing colors. It’s a crafty, sumptuous, and fun accessory!

Statement Earrings for Spring - Mismatch Earrings //

Graphic Earrings

This may be the most characteristic earring trend yet. Graphic earrings have been cropping up recently from oversized funky lines to mismatching earrings where the left earring is similar but slightly different than the right and has the power to make someone stop to do a double take. Take for instance, this emphatic piece I wore on one ear during fashion week! Leave it to graphic earrings to pack daring punch.

Duster Earrings

If you are looking for drama, look no further than a pair of duster earrings. These statement earrings graze the neck or shoulder with their show-stopping lengths. What I love about these is that they are so flattering on everybody. Not only are they chic and trendy, but they also frame and elongate the face.

Statement Earrings for Spring - Duster Earrings //

Architectural Earrings

These particular earrings are often metallics crafted into gorgeous geometrical shapes. My favorite pieces are those mixed with pearls or petal details. They tend to be a lovely balance between minimal and flashy. I love wearing these with my everyday, casual outfits. Think abrupt angles or thick rounded edges that mimic elements of everyday buildings. Statement Earrings for Spring - Architectural Earrings //

Statement earrings have an undeniable transformative effect and it is a trend that is not hard to try out – No strings attached! Plus, they are so fun and is great way to show off your style personality. If there is any accessory you are interested in investing in, definitely consider statement earrings.

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