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jessica wang wearing a denim jacket with distressed jeans and air jordan sneakers while sharing what spring accessories to wear for 2021 // Jessica Wang -

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Happy Easter you guys! Today, I wanted to talk accessories… One thing (or should I say things), I simply cannot get enough of are accessories. No outfit is complete without the addition of one or two items that will elevate your look. Sometimes an accessory is so good that I will go out of my way to style my entire outfit around that one iconic piece. I bring this up today because I feel like some people sleep on their own accessories, often neglecting those little additions that would complete their look. I analyzed my favorite outfits as of late and identified the pieces I continually pull into my looks. This way, you guys do not have to miss out on these additions too! Here are my top spring accessories I will mix and match in all my looks in 2021.

jessica wang wearing a matching polka dot blazer and skirt with air jordan sneakers while sharing what spring accessories to wear for 2021, high top sneakers // Jessica Wang -

High-Top Sneakers

I find myself becoming closer to a “sneakerhead” as my collection continues to grow tenfold. I have been expanding my collection of Air Jordans because I find myself reaching for them again and again. That being said, any high-top sneaker is going to give you the same street style aesthetic you can add into your own spring wardrobe. This footwear option is one way to make your casual everyday looks more interesting; however, it can also add some edge to your more feminine leaning outfits.

jessica wang wearing a two tone jacket, cropped sweater, and khaki pants with buttons while sharing contemporary sunglasses to wear as spring accessories for 2021, contemporary sunglasses // Jessica Wang -

Contemporary Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a staple in all my outfits because they are not only a practical tool to protect your eyes from the sun but also key when you want to be incognito, skip makeup one day or add some edginess to a look. This year, I am all about the geometrical shapes, especially rectangle frames. I think they help to elongate and angle my face in a way that appears more flattering. Dark framed contemporary sunglasses look chic and mysterious but do not be afraid to get fun and quirky with colored acetate frames too!

jessica wang wearing a black plunging neck sequin dress with an elegant watch while sharing what spring accessories to wear for 2021, elegant watches // Jessica Wang -

Elegant Watch

Recently, I have also been into classic accessories that enhance an outfit no matter what time of year it is. Wrist watches are without a doubt one of the jewelry pieces you can invest in and wear for years to come. If you find yourself quickly becoming a watch fanatic, I would say it may even behoove you to spend more money on a high quality timepiece so you can be sure it will last. An elegant watch has the power to make all your basic, everyday outfits seem more luxurious. It can also make your more formalwear that much more eye catching as well!

jessica wang wearing a black sweater while sharing what spring accessories to wear for 2021, lipstick, glossy lips // Jessica Wang -

Bold Lip

I mentioned before on this blog how your makeup is an accessory in itself. Although I gravitate towards a very similar look on a day-to-day basis, I do love switching up the lips and playing with different shades and finishes. After all, swapping out different lip shades is one of the easiest ways to switch up your daily look. Personally, I love a red or berry lip for their ability to make the wearer appear more awake, while also adding a pop of color to a neutral fit or enhancing an already bright outfit. In addition, juicy, glossy lips are making a comeback this season too so be sure to complete the beauty look with a swipe of your favorite gloss!

jessica wang wearing a black blazer with leather pants, a chain belt, and holding a lavender handbag while sharing spring accessories to wear for 2021, pastel handbags// Jessica Wang -

Pastel Handbag

Just like everyone else, I have been attracted to pastel shades. Not only do these colors evoke the feeling of spring, but they are also incredibly calming which is why pastel handbags are one of the top spring accessories you must have in 2021.

Accessories are an effortless way to add a trend color into your looks. I absolutely love the way a light lavender or baby pink is contrasted against a dark or neutral outfit. Shop pastel shoulder bags for a versatile style you can wear with anything. Or consider smaller, clutch style pastel bags to add a flair to your night out looks. This is an accessory you will definitely see me rocking from now until at least the end of summer.

What spring accessories have you been wearing in 2021?

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