4 New Ways To Earn Your Stripes This Summer

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Jacket: (similar here) | Top: River Island | Pants: River Island | Shoes: River Island | Bag: (another cute option here)

Stripes this summer come in so many varieties that one style is bound to suit your fashion sensibility. If you think stripes are not your fashion friend, you’ve been looking at them all wrong. Summer stripes are playful and so effortless.

When considering stripes for summer, keep your body shape and height in mind. If you’re on the thinner side and want to look a little curvier, go for horizontal stripes. If you’re short and a slightly wide, lengthen your body with horizontal stripes. To be honest, I have fun with both types of stripes. Stripes this summer add a creative element if you pair them with the right pieces; summer stripes can also feel very modern if done right.

When I discovered this classic pair of striped pants from River Island, I knew they would be my new favorite summer pants. River Island does timeless pieces right. If you remember my post on River Island’s trench coat, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Jacket: (similar here) | Top: River Island | Pants: River Island | Shoes: River Island | Bag: (another cute option here)

My look is a mixture between casual and formal. River Island’s vertical striped black, white, and green slacks can be sophisticated enough for work with a crisp button up or blazer; they can also be cool enough for a summer outing, like a picnic, BBQ, or fair with a cami or fitted t-shirt and sneakers. I blended the two concepts and went for a white cami, oversized jean jacket, and white slip-on heels that match my white mini-boxed bag. This look can take me to a meeting –for business or pleasure or a rooftop cocktail hour; and either way, I’ll be knocking my fashion out of the ballpark. The best part of these striped pants by River Island is the high-waist and the fabric belt detail. I’m crazy for how comfy and full of life these pants are!

And here are other stripes that are fun to try for summer. Remember, let your fashionista have fun and mix and match fabrics, patterns, and textures; or be sleeker and go for a more monochromatic look.

Striped Blouses

Wearing a summer striped blouse can be a blast. You can choose vibrant colors and varied stripes or go for a classic pinstripe that can be either serious or flirty. When selecting a striped blouse, be sure you find the colors and fabrics that suit the occasion. And feel free to wear with shorts and skirts to avoid that businesswoman feel that can be so common when wearing a striped blouse. There are just so many options that stripes this summer gives you.

Striped Pants

You won’t have to worry about horizontal or vertical stripes because most pants only come in one style –vertical. Avoid horizontal stripes as they feel too young or even a bit circusy. When wearing striped pants, be subtle with pieces and accessories as the pants themselves will be the statement piece. Try muted or neutral colors to keep the look timeless.

Striped Dress

Summer stripes are all about summer dresses. Here is where you can have total freedom. There are no rules when it comes to finding that perfect summer striped dress. Whether you go all cotton or a cotton-blend, silk, or lycra –the summer striped dress is what summer is all about. Be sure to find a pair of shades that give your summer striped dress some serious fashion impact.

Striped Shoes

Yes, striped shoes are a summer trend. What other season gives you so much flexibility with your wardrobe as well as colors and patterns? Summer, of course. So a summer striped slides are a great way to bring a monochromatic look to life or a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit to another level. Don’t shy away from a striped stiletto either, they are stunning if done right.

Stripes this summer are an excellent way to revamp a wardrobe that’s full of solid colors, floral and gingham prints, and plaid or embroidery details. And with a pair of pants like the ones from River Island, you can’t go wrong. You will improve your summer style by leaps and bounds.


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