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Places for Great Snow Photos in NYC // // Over the knee velvet boots, silver mini skirt, oversized menswear inspired coat, pink aviator sunglasses, jessica wangPlaces for Great Snow Photos in NYC // // Over the knee velvet boots, silver mini skirt, oversized menswear inspired coat, burgundy knit sweater, jessica wang

Photos by Hugo Lee

Coat: (similar here) | Top: (similar here) | Skirt: (similar here) | Boots: (similar here)

What a coincidence that I decided to write on the topic of snow today since the flurries have started falling here in NYC! I’m grateful to be in such a photogenic city that gives me the beauty of summer and winter. Aside from being a major fashion capital in the world, it’s easy to see why NYC puts out so many amazing fashion bloggers – we have the picturesque environment to our advantage. Sure, the city can be dirty and overcrowded, but if you head to the right spots, you’ll discover a few diamonds in the rough. I’ve rounded up my favorite places for great snow photos in NYC all right here – and they’ll go right along with your best winter outfits.

1. Central Park

Places for Great Snow Photos - Central Park in the Winter //

Photo by Verne Varona

Central Park is a no-brainer when it comes to snow photos. It’s inherently gorgeous and full of life whether you’re strolling through the endless aisles of snow-covered trees (aka The Mall) or catching a glimpse of the Bow Bridge. I can always trust Central Park to give me that jovial winter spirit. It’s a true winter wonderland with a magical feeling that you can’t experience anywhere else.

Places for Great Snow Photos - Flatiron in the Winter //

2. Madison Square Park/Flat Iron

An ultra popular but photo-worthy spot is Madison Square Park where you can get a great flash of uptown and a view of the Flatiron Building. Both are parallel, so you can easily head over to Flatiron for more Insta-worthy photos afterwards. Although over-towered by NYC’s surrounding buildings, Flatiron is notorious for it’s unique, photogenic shape that never gets old. It doesn’t surprise me at all that this is fashion blogger hot spot.

3. Brooklyn Bridge

Places for Great Snow Photos - Brooklyn Bridge in the Winter //

The Brooklyn Bridge is another classic that never gets old – and it looks amazing all year long no matter what season we’re in. However, if you’re feeling like this spot is too cliché, you can always head down further to DUMBO, Brooklyn or the Brooklyn Bridge Park. What I love about this area in the winter is that the frigid cold keeps most people away (unless they’re also shooting). Aside from that, it’s nothing short of spectacular.

4. Staple Street (TriBeCa)

I always hear SoHo everything – and everyone goes crazy over SoHo for its quaint cobblestone streets. But I’m letting you in on my little secret today: TriBeca. It kinda resembles SoHo without the hip crowd, and I love that it’s less busy. My favorite photo spot in particular is Staple Street under this old, idyllic bridge. When not covered in snow, you get the cobblestones. TriBeCa is characterized by old industrial buildings and brick-red structures, which will show you a different side of NYC. I love it!

Places for Great Snow Photos - TriBeCa, Staple Street, in the Winter //

Photo by NYCNeverSleeps

Places for Great Snow Photos - TriBeCa, Staple Street, in the Winter //

Let it snow…

5. Stone Street (Financial District)

Places for Great Snow Photos - Financial District, Stone Street, in the Winter //

Photo by Vivienne Gucwa

Now heading south into the Financial District is a cute little alley called Stone Street. Aside from being an amazing place to eat, drink, and chill, it also makes a delightful backdrop if you’re scouting places for great snow photos in NYC. You get an old-world charm with the cobblestone streets, overhead lights, and a vibe that feels very European.

Places for Snow Photos in NYC - City Cinemas Village East //

6. Stuyvesant Street (East Village)

Another favorite is Stuyvesant Street located in East Village. The greens streaming down the buildings make it uber cute while removing the bustling city vibe associated with Manhattan. Aside from this little nook, I think East Village makes a great spot for snow photos in general because you get access to picturesque lifestyle spots like the City Cinemas Village East.

7. Washington Square Park

Last but not least, find yourself at Washington Square Park, which can be identified by the the towering Washington square Arch. You’ll often find street performers here, but there will be less of that when it snows. The unique architectural design will pop out in your photos. It’s also located near West Village, which marks another casual, tranquil landmark perfect for your blog, Instagram, or anything else. So, you can kill two birds with one stone!

Bonus: Go a bit Upstate

And if you’re really ambitious, go a bit further upstate to Hudson Valley where you’ll be guaranteed to snap tons of remarkable photos. You’ll also get a fresh taste of New York’s history and natural beauty without having to go too far. While you’re there, I recommend you to turn your visit into a mini break from the city life and hit the slopes. The fun activities and panoramic views in the winter time won’t disappoint.

Photo by Pinterest

Places for Great Snow Photos - Washington Square Park in the Winter //

Where are your favorite places for great snow photos in NYC?

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