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Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - button down dress, shirt dress, pink professional dress //

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Throughout my career, I’ve really learned the about importance of first impressions and the ideology of dressing for success. It only takes a few seconds for someone to make an impression of you and a handful of others to change it. This is why it is important to carry yourself with confidence and grace from the start. However, when holding an office job in the summer, it can be a little more difficult to define what exactly is office appropriate and what is not. Especially when there tends to be a huge contrast between the sweltering heat index outside and the AC-blasted room temperatures inside a typical office building.

To help you navigate corporate style, I’ve put together a list of trendy but office friendly summer outfit ideas.

Mid-length Cuts

A midi length skirt or dress is always a great work appropriate option for when the heat is just too warm to bear. It is such a classic cut that looks feminine and put together. It is best to stick to fabrics that are light and breezy so you can stay comfortable all throughout the day.

If your office tends to be more on the business casual side, do not be afraid to play with different color and pattern variations. As long as your look is not too revealing or tight, you can definitely get away with experimenting with bolder colors. One of my favorite mid-length pieces is the ruffle wrap midi.

Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - ruffle wrap skirt, midi skirt //

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Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - Linen suit, linen outfits, linen trend //


I have already touched on the rise in popularity of linen pieces for the spring and summer – and the office should not be excluded from this trend.You can find some really amazing linen pieces in a more classic silhouette such as a timeless blazer, wide leg pant, or button-up. This more breathable fabric revamps your staple work pieces for something much more summer appropriate. If you’re in a managerial role, I think it’s worth investing in a tailored linen suit, which you can then break into different outfits.

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Summer Whites

Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - white summer outfits, white dresses, olivia palermo style //

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For a fresh, clean office look, try going for an all white outfit. Be sure to play with differing textures, silhouettes and lengths to keep this monochromatic look interesting and eye-catching. I promise a fitted all white look will make you feel like the boss babe you are. Just be careful not to spill your coffee on it!

Loose Layers

If you run into the issue of a freezing office and steaming hot commute, light but loose layers are key! Keep a light jacket at your desk for repeated wear, then take it off during lunch and when you leave the office. Shop for wardrobe staples like flouncy blouses, oversized button downs, and wide leg trousers to keep you cool yet covered.

For an extra styling tip, roll up your jacket sleeves (this works for blazers too). You’ll instantly look professional with a touch of cool.

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Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - duster jacket outfits, wide leg pants, summer office style //


Revamped Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is in a undeniable must for work during the summer. However, you may want to consider updating yours this season by incorporating different prints, brighter colors, and textures into the equation if your workplace allows it. Tuck a blouse and pair with some heels for the perfect business smart look!

Stylish but Office Friendly Summer Outfit Ideas - polka dot skirt, pencil skirt, office outfit ideas //

Any office friendly summer outfit ideas you can share? Let me know!

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